Sergei Salash: Lukashism — this degradation of the individual

In BPF of 1995. Married, one daughter Dominique. This year was going to parliamentary elections SLM on the list Borisovskoy rustic surroundings.
But again — as first in 2004 and then in 2007 years — faced resistance from Election Commission. For years, in fact it is run by the same people. If the four year reversed through the CEC Sergey manages to reach the reception, during the last campaign was arestvoan with their submission. In This year it is also not allowed to participate in elections: davneshnie "friends" — Secretary Election Commission number 62 Stasov vice-chairman Shutko executive committee accused him of slander. This coming Wednesday the tribunal.
On the days of a meeting of the Central Election Commission, which tried to reach Sergei Salash truth. But everything turned out as usual.
Here are excerpts from his interview Radio Liberty:
… No matter how I feel now to Poznyak, he specifically time made the strongest recollection, as a politician. Thanks to this person, I opened myself Belarus
… State freedom — feeling a deep, inner. And forbid her feel a certain person is much more difficult than, for example, restrict the person to move, expressing thoughts
… Lukashism — this degradation of the individual. And for me to take a step backwards incomparably harder than 10 forward, even through obstacles
… I do not like that inside our party defected to lezungamanii. Shoot slogans that fade in the air, do not reach the public, they are not perceived. Often early slogans, as NATO. I am not against Belarus entry in this military alliance, but read about it sooner. I do not wish to be always on Marginesy.
… I like synthetic, romantic music — "Depeche Mode", "Camouflage": songs about love, life and death, about the human alone on this earth, fighting him. In a word, profound lyrics and music of cosmic
… I was not going to manage the categories: "Good to excellent lived my children and grandchildren." I myself want to live well. I wish to build their own city comfortable for life — wish that was a great way to not beat her suspension in the car, I wish that my wife was walking on the sidewalk and not beat heels, wish that my daughter could play on conventional playgrounds, I wish he once go outside and play soccer. And achieve it.

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