Should not blame the Estonians themselves if the beam in the eye …

May 5, just a few days before the anniversary of the Victory, I arrived in Brest, in advance to arrange an interview with the director of the memorial complex "Brest Fortress" Valery Gubarenko.
Reconstruction of the fortress: the water cycle
I went to the concrete statue "Thirst". With the persistence of this statue were prepyadstviya, but decided — for the coming 20 years. Visible signs nedavneshnego repair. Valery Gubarenko comments:
"The cracks gets wet from snow, rain and the rest. Freezing ice rastsiskae concrete erosion are education, which lead to the destruction of the concrete structure."
Concrete monuments that made exclusively in the USSR, at the moment require special inspection
Reconstruction of the memorial began in 1996, and since then it is a permanent disposition process. Not so long ago strengthened bayonet, which stands at the head of the monument — was a danger that the design height of 100 meters and weighing 620 tons will fall. Now turn new objects. Reconstruction will go endlessly, says Valery Gubarenko. Another five or ten years — and will again engage in those objects which repaired in 1997:
"It kruzazvarot water in nature. This is a huge complex, it is on 70 acres of countryside. It contains more than 40 units of different structures" — explains, the Gubarenko.
But reconstruction is delayed and since eleven years managed to get only 6 million bucks. Funds collected and continue to meet virtually grain to grain. Sovereign Gubarenko continues:
"Ermoshin arrives, the last prime minister of the Republic of Belarus. Reads:" In, Hubarenko you want, I’ll give to you the Afghan dagger? "I say," No "." What? "" Medium forbid. " "And what means for you?" "Channel dachystsits can not." "Come, write a letter." Wrote a letter came to him. Khoruzhik He writes, Minister of Natural Resources: to find and had spent. And he wrote already in the area. Cashing for themselves adversaries realize? Much as I walking around the area, and asked — I did not give anybody anything. "
Valery Gubarenko: "Reconstruction — is the water cycle"
The third part of disbursements — 2 million dollars — came from CIS countries in the period from 1997 to 2003. In 1996, the State Council of the "union of the country" has decided to upgrade the fortress had spent 300 thousand dollars on each side. In 2004-2005, the budget for the reconstruction of Belarus gave almost 4 billion rubles, which is about 2-million dollars. At one time, 200 thousand dollars had spent the metropolitan government. The rest — donations or minor amounts from different sources.
6 million dollars — means little. With that my interlocutor agrees:
"Really need as much again. After all, the ruins will renovate and preserve. This ring barracks all this snow-white palace is on the right about engineering memorial plates. It requests the restoration work," — says of Gubarenko.
Castle ruins kanservavali only at one point in 1971, when the complex was built. But then kanservatsyynyya materials were bad atthis problem Now save again actualized.
Ruins engineering council after some time may scatter
"… Fortress looks decently, but the hunt for more …"
Talking to passers-by. Ask or tribute way in their opinion, eyeing fortress?
Woman: "Complex? So, I think it perfectly restore."
Lady: "What about our Brest Fortress — what I see outside, I like Tipo. Though, as I know from the people who work there, I would like more funding."
Lady "Just Brest Fortress looks pretty decently. But of course always hunt for more. "
Man: "Fortress? In principle, in such a conventional state. But in the past year, it did, at the moment more or less normally. But I believe that more needs to be paid attention to this. "
Bayonet obelisks kept thanks to a special technique that dampens vibrations of the wind
"Khatyn" reduced in status?
Another eminent memorial complex in Belarus — "Khatyn". On its present state, I talked with the architect Leonid Levin, one of the creators of the memorial.
Last year, it was reconstructed, cleaned out, cleaned. Sovereign Levin worries at the moment other:
"I I do not like that the monument removed from the republican and ran into submission Minsk region. Wherefore it mattersmoose? I’m not talking about the direction that you want to see the overall condition. It’s all please, it’s all business landlady. But here’s the political volume — it is other things. I think there is some mistake, "- says Levin.
Views on Leonid Levin, translating "Khatyn" (released this year, reversing a) subordinate Minsk region can be regarded as the declining importance of the memorial complex. Meanwhile, specifically Hatyn move foreign tourists, on the memory Khatyn educate students …
"Breakthrough" asks for protection from vandals
Memorial complex "Breakthrough", which is located about Ushachi Vitebsk region, does not have such popularity as the Brest fortress or "Khatyn". But about half of it backwards mentioned — not very happy with. In December 2006, there was an incident: unknown vandals stole items monumental composition "Shady Rest". This bronze layout of 3 carbines set pyramid. The incident had acquired a great response, but later on it Tipo have forgotten.
I called the Museum of Folk Fame Ushachi.
I said at the museum:
— Restoration will be carried out rapidly sculptural plant. All right.
— This layout of the 3 rifles — whether found him recover?
— Have found, all have found. Ribbons only three that have been broken, their otolyutsya anew well and only.
— After such an incident or problem appeared not protection? What to put in custody …
— This in perspective, in the long term.
— But is this all about?
— Naturally.
— Today, there is a need for some cosmetic repairs, renovation?
— We redecorated a year earlier. Not all the same once. This huge funds needed. What do you think, that simple? ..
Belarusians low culture memory
Despite the fact that, for honoring the memory of war victims in Belarus formally done a lot, the situation does not look flawless, said historian Ira commandant. In time she studied the problem of burial second World War in Belarus and concluded: memory culture of the Belarusian people is quite low. 20 years from now it may happen that the Brest Fortress Hatyn or nobody will be needed — leave if the person really indifferent to the events of the war.
Symptomatic status decline looks "Khatyn". By Ira views commandant, this may be followed by a gradual reduction in financing complex. Then we can safely draw a parallel with the transfer of Russian soldier monument in Tallinn. One thing that Estonia still dealt with the reburial of Russian fighter and this was done openly.
Ira Commandant notes:
"I believe which can be carry out such a parallel, because we often in different towns are remains of any victims of war — a soldier. And they are not always far from perazahovvayutstsa compliance with all regulations. So do not blame the Estonians themselves if the beam in the eye — a rather huge and without any prospects of his vytsyagnennya … "

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