Siege April 17

On forums portal began discussion on whether to permit the wearing of civilian firearms ordinary persons. The reason for the discussion was the action in the South American state of Virginia, which killed 33 students of the institute.
"As for carrying guns in the United States. With all the usual procedures for acquiring enough weapons for self-defense, also obtain a permit for concealed carry it, there are some very tough restrictions, one of which is what is strictly forbidden to be with a weapon on district schools (penalty — 10 years bullpen). Unfortunately, for some scumbags have the opportunity to break position. But if he was caught with a gun before he shot students and shot himself, then sit him longish years behind bars. "
"If we in the U.S. do not do away, what we have, will be among the Slavs? No control, no responsibility, do not go out on the street."
Living in a society magazine

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