Siege for April 10,

On forums portal discussions are about the government’s plans to eliminate stores byazmytavaga duty free trade at border crossings, and throw only one — at the airport "Minsk-2" (quote) "to serve diplomatic missions." Measures due to the fact that the checks revealed the illegal trade of alcohol.
Comments: "With our prices of cosmic import alcohol will be even worse if the duty free close";
"My friend is currently working in the duty free, and his salary is twice the employee at least some of the local trade, that he would be delighted";
"Everyday Thinking officials" from the plow "- if something does not know how to manage, it is necessary to prohibit."
Web site created by Blogging "Gaze" Barilotti refleksue about disk imaging hacker hacking official website ONT. Barilotti saved page provides a link to a website ONT, where it is written in Russian: "We are forced to lie to you. Respectfully, ONT employees, the Patriots of Belarus."
"Print all similar letters, as well as other" innocent "hacking joy, — it is not brand new in the world — says Barilotti. — Consequences for Political burglars in the world ranging from fines to prison sentences. Curious result" Patriot Games "to more decisive steps to limit the freedom of ordinary Internet users in Belarus? "
Member of the Internet community By_mova Dunaj talks about those who wish to start in Belarusian read: "Which is better — because you know how to read, make mistakes, learn uniformly or read in Russian, assuming that it is impossible" to shame language "to talk to shortcomings? "
Comments: "And on another and unrealistic. Only through gradual kshtaltavanne";
"All the same sample initially read in Belarusian people with family, friends — those who will accept your mistakes as a given (which soon will exchange) instead of mocking them";
"We’ve all started with this";
"I hate it when to Belarusian language treated as ikanichnaga folklore. This same attribute and those "purists", they say, they say, the sacred language, and do not allow "Bear" and use the mats. "
Arezu user addresses the Internet community Minsk_by with the question: "Would you agree to serve in the U.S. Army? If so, on what criteria? . "
Answers: "How candidacy our army — would agree";
"Only of cosmic forces — to protect the earth from alien";
"As one boy said:" Solely of cosmic fleet Rzeczpospolita ";
"10 thousands of dollars this month completely satisfactory to ";
"Only Litvanii-border troops of Belarus."

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