Since radiation will drive grain alcohol

On spirtzavode in Land Economy "Strelichevo" which is in Khoiniki district, decided to drive the alcohol from grain that dirty strontium.
Deputy Head of the aftermath of the Chernobyl Tsybulko Nicholas said that the processing will arrive about 8 thousand tons of grain from a number of dirty radiation areas
"Grain Harvest 2007 go there. Radiation will not be there at spirtse. You can equip and alcohol do everyday. Rectified. For food purposes can do. "
"A grain, which had earlier been realized, which was used?"
"Went for fodder. Well, fodder — is fodder. This as statedcamping, for their own purposes, for feeding cattle. And for maintaining economic farms is necessary that what was-then the implementation of the grain, "- says Nikolay Tsybulko.
According to Chairman of the Executive Committee Khoyniki Nicholas Sadchanki previously lacked funds for the construction of the plant itself.
Now in this case about 50 thousand euros invested by the IAEA.
Spirtzavod planned to launch in August. But it is possible that he will begin work in May. According to the regional dyarzhharchpramu, last year, the country lacked alcohol.
Chairman of the Gomel oblselhozproda Leonid Malchuk convinced that alcohol Khoyniki be untainted and can deliver although Minsk "Crystal":
"From alcohol more harm than invent each. Scientists also worked, conducted research. What is radiation — heavy metals more. A ferry can pass heavy metals? Thus radiation here before? Do not know what had happened to strontium, but it is not . "
According Malchukov, refuse from spirtzavodu up more than half of each ton of grain. Where did she go? And will there be the same strontium?
"Fodder. Will fodder that worthy. What is worthy — will not go away. We are not going to feed the animals untested product."
Dr. Vasily Nesterenko not approve the production of edible alcohol from grain dirty strontium. Radiation can get alcohol and taking into account how to apply this dilemma in the country, says Nesterenko:
"If you will save on radiation control, it will be a gross violation. Especially since, that strontium is very difficult controlled. This requires radiochemistry, etching, coating sarbenty — this expensive installation and more than a long cycle.
Strontium — the equivalent of calcium, it moves to the bones. And because not enough that drunks coffin his life, so they also begin to drink alcohol such as Socrates himself for life. "

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