Sought Freedom to Dashkevich! — Go on questioning

On the night of the sixteenth to the seventeenth April Tatiana Mace yes Maxim Azarov two and a half hours spent in the Lenin council Interior. They were detained and accused of distributing leaflets "Freedom to Dashkevich."
Youth activists do not hide the fact that they were sticking specifically those flyers. With all of this notice how the detention occurred. The police did not beheld one who pasted leaflets. They stopped all who arouses suspicion and examined their personal belongings. Tatyana Bulanov and Maxim Azarov refused to make demands police and were taken to the police station. There’s personal belongings youth activists police found the sixteen leaflets "Freedom to Dashkevich" and want to confiscate them without protocol. Says Tatyana Bulanov:
(Bulanov): "I wish they returned me leaflets and only in order that they can not return the policeman just listed them and began to draw up a report. This protocol is not even written that our leaflets and that they took us. Leaves, they stripped one flyer post and uttered that if something is opened, they will be applied as a real confirmation. "
At 5 am youth activists without flyers sent home.
Earlier, on March 13 Tatyana Bulanov, Rostislav Pankratov and Maxim Azarov already interrogated Mogilev KGB. March 23 October Tribunal Mogilev its decision Maxim Azarov imprisoned for seven days of administrative arrest. According to police, youth activist Tipo quarreled with passers-by.
• Rene van der Linden has supported the Young

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