Store did not give present new album

The new album "Krama" called "All life — weird dream." Songs created by Igor Varashkevich states that corresponds to the title story of the album. Exactly two months back the musicians filed an application in the metropolitan culture council executive committee to hold a concert presentation.
Permission to This time not. According to the musicians, bureaucrats advised them to go to Presidential Administration. Again no answer, the musicians agreed with Minsk club "Night Star". Concert scheduled for May 30, but the 14th of the club, they were told that the concert will not take place. Why?
By admin group Paul Kashirina management team gave an order over the phone. A link to the bureaucrats themselves unknown professionals:
"The main reason that I heard, it sounds absurd. Mingorispolkom Head of Culture, to whom I gave a CD with new songs" Shops ", said that he gave her to listen to some ideologue and those uttered:" Little artistic level. "
Director of the club "Night Star" Alexander Razumkov said "Freedom", he had not heard about the planned concert "Krama" in the club on May 30.
Alexander Razumkov only confirmed that May 17 will not take place the concert of "Nevradyubel" — for technical reasons:
"Since we do not have time to make the floor. We’ve got is being renovated."
Favourite band "Nevradyubel" states that another failure was his "last straw."
"That’s the nightmare situation in which we live. As if all specific prerequisites. Here yesterday closed one club after the concert of" ZET ". As if from impartial circumstances" — Alexander said Kullinkovich.
Under "ZET" stands rock singer Lavon Volsky.
Problems with organizing shows and realized another young rock band that sings in Belarusian, — "IQ-48." Musicians had to change room for a show at least twice.
Is there a "black list" of groups that the Belarusian authorities to pursue? Head of the department of cultural institutions Mingorispolkom Vladimir Antipovich states that no such list. And why deny musician in clubs venues for concerts, he does not understand.
"There is no list, no, I have many times read about it. Group" Krama "knows than there reason. Let them agree with these clubs, "- said the bureaucrat.
By rock musicians, "black list" of illegal groups appeared in the summer 2004. It hit bands and musicians who assumed the role of concert on the square in Bangalore. The concert was performed before the end of his second term Alexander Lukashenko by the 1994 Constitution.
Chap. The group also "Krama" plans to speak with kantsentam May 30

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