Supreme Tribunal eliminated Belarusian Literary Fund

Representatives Bellitfonda they say that their most impressed how quickly saw tribunal claim of the Ministry of Justice on the Elimination of another public association.
2 May at 11.30 cabinet secretary appeared Bellitfonda Supreme Court Head of Organization Department and the Ministry of Justice, they handed management Bellitfonda agenda in which it was reported that the hearing will take place in one day, May 3.
Deputy Director Nikolai Bellitfonda Mikhnovsky states that for such kutsee time it was impossible to prepare for the trial, to find a lawyer:
"How could for one day to do something, even collect all the board members? Unreal. We filed a petition where requested deferral, so we managed to get a contract with the lawyer as our intercessor. This Tribunal dismissed the petition. "
Manage Bellitfonda until recently pinned its hopes that the court session without official representatives of public associations will not happen.
But the referee decided Valery Samolyuk consider the case without the defendants and counsel only in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Justice and Attorney. At the first meeting heard claim Justice prosecutor to Bellitfonda th, the second referee read the decision to liquidate.
According to the Ministry of Justice, the union made a series of public disturbances. The Ministry of Justice issued a Bellitfonda Last year three written warnings.
Referee Samolyuk noted that since Bellitfond not appeal written warnings through tribunal that he practically admitted his mistakes.
In accordance with Article 29 of the Law Republic of Belarus "On public associations" Supreme Tribunal decided to eliminate Bellitfond.
As stated by the referee Valery Samolyuk, the decision is final — and cassation appeal against unrealistic.
Director Bellitfonda Ales Danilchik believes that a violation of Article 143 of the Civil Procedure Code on the timing of the case:
"We will consult with lawyers, if we have some opportunity to appeal this decision."

Public association "Bellitfond" was created in 1992 from the Belarusian branch of the Literary Fund of the USSR. Company officially registered in the Ministry of Justice of 23 April 1992, it was held twice re-registration.
Bellitfonda owns the property — sanatorium writers "Isloch", which was built in 1986. Public association has no funds to adequately keep the house of creativity and conduct economic activity.
Currently buildings are in disrepair. Since 2002, "Isloch" is under arrest. And in September 2006 part of the property of the sanatorium (main building, three cottages and boiler house for the staff) was auctioned.
Soon to take place trades. According to the control Bellitfonda, after liquidation of public associations will be created by the commission under the tutelage of the Ministry of Justice, which will property liquidated public association.

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