Survey in Minsk: Either overcome the effects of increased prices for gas and oil?

Young Man: "I think that has overcome. For management of the country began to produce some other options. Such as, for example, the construction of a nuclear power plant."
Pensioner: "Hard to say, but I think that will overcome. Somehow I believe in their government and in their own president."
Woman: "I think that overcame assertiveness. Substantiate that we are right."
Man: "I do not think that has overcome. Gas expensive previously been better. "
Man: "I think not. Stroy materials rose by almost a third part. If Last year they cost 95-105 thousand rubles per cubic meter, the This year have 140-145 thousand. All this affects. "
Lady: "I think that not overcome. I see that even retired people have not increased in April, as previously increased. No funds. "
Reporter: "Do you think Belarus indeed overcome the consequences of increasing Russian gas prices and oil? "
Man: "Do not be overcome. Rents rose here and there, here and there remained at the same level. Question remains open."
Lady: "I do not think, because prices grow and affect other services. Products rise in price, the rent."
Man: "I think that is not broke. Currently, still seems to pay $ 50 for a thousand cubic meters of gas. And it is unclear what will happen next when start paying the full cost."
His friend: "I think that paying full price for gas, we still can not."
Pensioner "There is no overcome. Then that reads President, for us, not authority. Maybe so bad read about a man who Tipo elected by the people, but it is very the big question. I do not see any problems to overcome anything. "
Young Man: "Tries to overcome. Hopefully it will survive."

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