Survey in Minsk: what should be done, so there was abandoned graves?

Guy: "This is surely a major setback belarushchyny that link disappears kids and parents, kids and grandparents. In our country unwilling to bring real Young people, that will keep in mind past generations, the people who came before them, are not taught to respect and honor here this spiritual connection. "
Lady: "I think it must educate the youth, the next generation, so they honored their parents, grandparents — and not just their own. And all those who have made our country. "
Lady, "must often come to the cemetery on prazdnichkom — and not only. Comes with children, put flowers remind tell stories about grandparents. "
Man: "I do not know what to do. This, of course, depends on the consciousness of people. But, in my opinion, in Belarus this prazdnichek all stroll in the cemetery and clean. Completely abandoned graves no. "
Reporter: "That what you need do, so there was no orphans untidy graves? "
Man: "That there was no disruption to the cemetery still Bulgakov said that the devastation in ourselves.’s When we have it will not, it will not be in the cemetery."
Grandma: "Just the youth to this is not yet accustomed. Unwilling just to know, and to remove … Here we have, for example, the father is buried here, and we raked the leaves of adjacent tomb where no one walks. Maybe we reckoned it This … while we still go to the cemetery … "
Reporter: "How do you think you can, utilities have forgotten to take care of the grave?"
Grandma: "Yes, they also have to clean up."
Lady: "When a man alone remained, any savings should go to some social funds to those funds later sent to inspect the graves, the cemetery that employees looked after the grave."
Man: "You have to keep in mind their own Protz and appreciate the past."
Lady: "If there are family, relatives, they must be ordered — should take care of the graves, though distant relatives. And if absolutely no one, and it was already forty or fifty years, you need to be buried in these places to others. "
Lady: "You need to know what is in our society society. Ask entrusting a public community caregivers graves. I too was a member of such society and ready to have such generous deeds."
Man: "First it is raised in a family. If it is not, nothing else will. "
Lady: "Who’s nobody left, so look grave, maybe indeed, some special utilities are needed."
Lady "First our human consciousness. Our failure is that we are accustomed to seek from anyone but myself. "

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