Suspension: As I read everyone will swell — someone has to announce Kaka

Suspension — the village is unique. On the ruins of a noble mansion for Khrushchev built an ordinary school. A few years back the Orthodox Church opened here in pseudo-Russian style.
And still hanging in there is the magic as its own fountain. On the square in front of the kolkhoz. His flow, they say, thrashes above office.
But the uniqueness of the suspension is not in these surprises. In an exemplary picture bast agrotown bad fit people alive. All vyaseevtsy should be proud of their collective farm and likes the current manager. But I have met here are completely different people.
For example, the last collective farm foreman, Vasily Shustser. Unique person. Pensioner who for municipal social benefits not feel gratitude, and … humiliation.

Shustser: "I’m retired. I enter the bus, paid 500 rubles. A lady paid a thousand. Detained her wages. Three children. She sits. And what Bob glances — in which neblagovospitanny, could not get up, sit down to give. And that thinks — you get every month, half paid even sitting drive you want? Nonsense. Wait.
We restore people to people. In my mind, I would take the elderly as of ordinary people. Do you respect me a little? Add me on these charges. No? No. But I have to go on the bus vsepolnotsennym man. I do not need this handout. "
Today Shustsera worried about the fate of the sovereign-independent Belarusian media. He devoted fan of "Narodnaya Volya".
Shustser: "Newspapers in vain they have closed. After all, if the government newspaper praises and praises you — and here’s what nibudt-critical. And so it turns out that … Well me everyone will read "swell", someone has to announce "Kaka".
I love this newspaper. I first wrote out a day or her. One wrote in a recent issue, you need to submit to the tribunal, to sue. Is not necessary. God willing, everything will fall into place. Not everything will still be the cat carnival. Once as an end. Since we are all mortal. When a person dies, he is not put into the recess or caretaker or cook or doctor. One in recess — and to God. "
Second "happy" retired, 80-year Vladimir worried happiness accustomed to Russian by birth. Remembers collectivization of reference. Beheld death of his father at the hands of the German Nazis. Himself after his release he was drafted into the "labor army".

Reporter: "You were in the so-called" army of labor. "Exactly what is it?"
Worried: "What did it? How bullpen anyway. Taken in 1944. Enlistment uttered:" You will be there to build tanks, you will be fed well. "Already fool. Herded into the forest, the taiga. Shovel, pickaxe and crowbar. And Dolby frozen ground. 30 degrees.
Metal road was built. In walking sandals. Ragged, hungry, naked — God forbid. Never thought I would live. And understand that rasyayane had read? "You Bandera. Germans did not deter you." Hold. If all were sold. "
Reporter: "Are you then in this" army of labor, "according to the policy?"
Worried: "Scarecrow, God forbid. Then immediately taken away."
Reporter: "And you know, in Belarus put a monument to Joseph Vissarionovich? "
Worried: "So this is — as it is called? Stalin Line. Badly. It is the enemy of the people was. How he ruined people. And Lenin too. Pavysylali nothing. His work done, and pavysylali. They died there, in Kotlas in Siberia. I remember 1926 as dekulakize. Houses were taken, all picked up, thrown out. God forbid, Stalin that did . "
Reporter: "And what do you live?"
Worried, "Telek, newspapers."
Reporter: "What’s on TV look like?"
Worried: "Announcements. Russian."
Reporter: "Why Russian?"
Worried: "Lukashenko … Something I had to lie very …".
Old Vladimir has been criticized that indigenous vyaseevtsav remained strongly enough. More newcomers. I spoke with a representative of catchy modern immigration.
Ira, a young lady who has spent her life in the Russian Altai, moved to Belarus a year earlier. In general, moved — said softly, precisely be — scuttled.
Ira: "I like to live in Belarus."
Reporter: "You have no nostalgia for the Altai?"
Ira: "I miss my family, friends I have stayed there. Return But I do not even have thought of."
Reporter: "What is such a decent and that there is such a disgusting?"
Ira: "Here there is a kind of protection. There is not such that we experienced there, beheld. We beheld the people who came from Tajikistan, of the hot points of Chechnya. People who were killed, who have lost loved ones, threw their houses. We beheld these refugees. And there very many criminals. "
Reporter: "It is unsafe to walk down the street?"
Ira: "Yes. At night very unsafe to walk down the street. Strongly many addicts. Youth absorbed it. We lived on the border with Kazakhstan. Nearby, on the border, there are villages that are kept under the control of the Chechen rebels. Kidnaps people. Hitched there are ordinary people will not stand as a stand here. Such is not there — as has not come back. "
Reporter: "Would you have supported the entry of Belarus in the Russian Federation?"
Ira: "Never. Would never have supported it. I do not understand the president of Belarus, for which he needed. Belarus loses."
Ira for the independence of Belarus — not an empty phrase. She negramadyanka Belarus — devoted fan of full sovereignty. Neuzh something to penetrate the thoughts of independence, it is necessary to live a couple of years in Siberia?
In discussions with the old villagers I usually for clues, trying to praise aaplet rural revival. And getting very sensual response. Voc and This time I was not mistaken. Says Basil Shustser:
Shustser "agrotown we build. In my opinion, this is such garbage. People live — to go nowhere. It on the farm. Should I adore this calf, the cow. … And we gave House. Year hardship himself, torment meeting. Later help get that junk, light work.
All go. All this is gradually lowered. At first glance inconspicuous. And in fact it collapse. You glance at the woman’s drunkenness. We have lived a life that all the way lazy welcomed. And the same should ever come to an end. "
Our villages are divided not only by large and small, on the Catholic and Orthodox, the promising and those that are dying. Still there is one indicator. Proximity to town.
Villages located at the huge and medium-sized cities, suburbs are typical. People are more active and educated throw their collective farm office and open business in town, there is not getting over.
My subsequent companion, businessman Alexander, who keeps a shop in Moscow, the last officer motorcycle infantry troops waged war in Afghanistan.
Karsepandent: "Do you regret that destiny brought you to that war?"
Alexander: "No. It’s a school. Boys must wage war. Those guys who make war, stanovyatsa men. And men — is power."
Reporter: "But you have to kill people."
Alexander: "I was doing duty and oath. I was faithful Russian Union. I ordered, I did order. Because at the moment the people who took the oath of allegiance to the Republic of Belarus … They ordered — and they make orders. How do they do you know in Liberty Square. "
Reporter: "Who walks on Liberty Square — you need to get mad at these people?"
Alexander: "This is a philosophical question. Everywhere there are human. There are people who work like dogs. And get mad and pout on them … Let God forgive them. They still will be sentenced in the future."
Alexander — Deputy chairman of the organization of veterans of Afghanistan Slutsk.
Alexander: "Spending we talk with young people. But this, of course, is no
t enough, this is not much. Must be personal example. This municipal task. And my recollection is that the heroes our country not needed. "
*** I seem to realize what the Belarusian village differs from the agricultural town. Sitting locked Eighty Sophia that I sang the ancient ritual songs, which had learned from his own mother, and she heard them from his own mother, and that of his own. And so to the time of the Principality of stateliness. In agro such songs already hear descendants luck.

Sophia, sings: "And God himself rye squeezed, squeezed Little snapok, And our Panok Young, Beneath varanenki horse …"

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