Swim and looked at the root of Colas

This year marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of a day or Belarusian folk poets Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas. Another first this year, Presidential Decree was created by the organizing committee "for the anniversary events," which consisted of the highest municipal bureaucrats, was also developed an action plan dedicated to the anniversary of the national poets. On the declared intentions and actual actions of the Belarusian authorities in the program "House of Writers," the "round table" they say critics Sidorevich Anatoly and Alla Semenova, an employee of the Institute of Literature of the National Academy Anna Kislitsyna. Transmits Michas Scoble.
Michas Scoble: "Ladies and gentlemen, more January 29 this year signed Presidential Decree number 57, which approved the plan of the respective events. Clearly, this is just a plan, a list of goals. So worthy, or at the proper level is going to celebrate anniversaries Belarusian government public geniuses? "
Anatoly Sidorevich: "With a public committee to make the anniversary of Kupala and Kolas I made back in August last year — wrote a letter to the Belarusian Writers Alliance. I read that the government will not celebrate the anniversary of Kupala and Kolas, but a little bit wrong. Government caught on and made Republican Organizing Committee and the respective plan. himself this committee is laughter: it There is a majestic creator Azaronak, there we litsezreem Charhinets name — a man who during his lifetime devised publish book about himself in the series "Life of famous people of Belarus." Ibid are vice-chairmen of regional executive committees, deputy ministers … I remember the jubilee committee for the communist time. Their first cut in the face, there was the color of the Belarusian culture. But I understand the difficulties of power. If Cherginets with his union represented in the steering committee, if still Toll Avrutina add there and there not include folk poets Nile Gilevich, Rygor Baradulin not include Gennady Buraukin, Ales Ryazanov, Vladimir Niakliaeu, then it is quite funny.’ll see in the plan itself. Activities are very vague. Again I remember the communist era: then very raspisvalasya yourself — what, where, when to be held. I remember the one hundred thousandth the centennial celebration in Yanka Kupala Vyazynka in 1982. overall I remember the centennial celebration Kolas in Pinsk. This was a whole people, a true celebration with the best acting forces with amazing poets — from the Motherland and abroad. mention only the names of Ukrainian Ivan Drach and Pole-Ozgu Jozef Michalski. "
Scoble: "I am in terms of municipal activities forced to think one point. Faced with the organizing committee in the list the name of Deputy Minister disk imaging publishing sovereign Laptenok Igor, I have thought three years was completed reverse edition of the Complete Works Kupala, and this year it’s time to start to give full Kolasa. But in terms of weird wording: "to ensure the publication of printed materials to the 125th anniversary of Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas." What just "products" — not a word. Question Anna Kislitsynay: the Institute of Literature of the NAS of Belarus is not the first year preparing Full Works Kolasa. At what stage is the work? "
Anna Kislitsyna: "It came out first that I beheld an advance copy. However, he went out with neuvvyazkami since our university tekstolyagam not given proofs, and an advance copy, even on the front page, there is incorrectness. But blame is not tekstolyagi and publishing "The Belarusian science", which took over the job of publishing the collected works of Kolasa. prepared 20 volumes, with, them, maybe there will be more volume in some 2-books. During this meeting will include all known this Kolasa day work. has no interest in our tekstolyagav something to hide. But publishing editors have what zahochut, then withdraw, the world can not consult. I always ask, and it will go into Works intimate correspondence Kolasa, unknown to the general reader of the poems of this correspondence? This is scary for some reason everyone is interested. Should mention the story of the correspondence Kolasa Svetlana Somov. She was a translator, poet, during the war translated into Russian poetry Kolasa. Between them were very nice, thin case. So here, at one point, their correspondence has been placed in the Collected Works in 14 volumes (1970). And it appeals to her lifted were prepared bills and letters themselves. And if Somov saw it, she terribly troubled. By the way, I’d like to read poems Kolasa dedicated Svetlana Somov. It is fun besides the fact that is a sonnet, acrostic, the first such product in the Belarusian literature. Is shining star with abysmal depths. The eternal sky secretly-beautiful. Eats some connection, continuous flow, they only name-name was not found. Razlyubeznaya reads me Star: repose, Oh, my wanderer sutsishsya, nephew, you’re wearing a heart longing distance, Atom troubled in the holy travel. Bright star, you’re burning bright, my bitter reverie you ascend to the cross, I w Give you satisfaction rest. Oh, no, you’re far away, cool your fever. My evening disappear under cover of clouds. Harp cheyu broken hand? If you read the first font in each row goes "Svetlana Luba" (the name of the poet gave some reason in Russian). But it’s not the only lady whose name will go down in Collected Works Kolas. There are letters and poems addressed to Alexandra Kettler-Jackiewicz. This is the story. I hunt to Kupalu with Kolas we studied carefully, line by line, without "the white spots" in the biographies. "
Scoble: "Municipal Plan foreseen held in September this year, a scientific conference entitled" Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas in public and cultural values of the twenty-first century. Now that spiritual and aesthetic values are cultivated in our country and whether their place in the midst of Kupala and Kolas? "
Alla Semenova: "After the lyrics, I would like to add a little drama. I remember those huge festival, which read Anatoly Sidorevich. On the one hand, I treat them as sacred any phenomena. On the other hand — a little ironic, incredulous . wrote the Alexander Blok Valery Bryusov during his birthday: "You honor, a little afraid of rituals, where you as a thing with all the side show, and the fate of gold to silver, and maybe silver in response to oblige" …

Body of work — this, of course, is great and necessary. But spirituality Kupala and Kolas should be in our lives every day and in stores, and theaters, and museums. Yesterday I walked through bookstores. Unfortunately, no signs that Kolasa preparing collection of works in 20 volumes, I never beheld. What is on the shelves? Last volume Kupala devyatsitomnika. In the "Library schoolboy" Kupala published selected works entitled "From the corner of desires." (It is, incidentally, already 18 thousand rubles. And this "schoolboy Library"!) There comes poetry, plays "Pavlinka" and "Tuteyshyya." With Kolasa is "Bog", "At the Crossroads" and a small book of poetry. But, say, "The newest land" no. "
Scoble: "By the way, not so long ago in Minsk visited translator from London Vera Rich, which ends translating" newest land "on the British language. Translated it finishes, but who throws it?"
Semenova: "And it would be very nice to have a bilingual" The latest land "- in Belarusian and in English. Suppose would read" Belarusian encyclopedia of life "in globally. Well, here is such a book would have purchased many. "
Sidorevich: "If we talk about books classics … Go to any more or less decently bookstore in Warsaw. Certainly see where you set: Yulyush Slovak, Adam Mickiewicz, Stefan Zharomsky, Boleslaw Prus, Leopold stuff, Cyprian Kamil Norwid. This Polish classic, and it never comes out of the bookstores. like this to the Polish store had Polish classics? It’s unreal. And we have — with interruptions. "
Scoble: "In the municipal action plan, approved by, once again, by presidential decree, some points should be observed during the whole of 2007. For example, setting and teletranslyatsyya theatrical performances, souvenir products: preparation, edition of the" printed materials ", which we had read. Since the beginning of the year has passed four and a half months. According to your observations — that madeabout? "
Sidorevich: "I send a lot of emails, but so far not beheld no brand, no special envelope dedicated to the first national poet of Belarus. Do not know whether at the central post office spetsgashenne and for filyatelistav is always an event. Beheld I do not have cards. Maybe later in an emergency procedure you are doing it, but not yet seen. As for public-cultural nuance … For Kupala State was the Belarusian People’s Republic. For Kupala Belarusian flag — white-red-white. Eventually, Colas was a member of the Belarusian Socialist Gromada worked in "Nasha Niva" in the underground school. To say that Kupala and Kolas written in the context of state cultural policy, it is necessary that this policy is carried out in the spirit of Kupala and Kolas. And this is not close " .
Semenova: "No public policy literature exists in the national consciousness. In the minds of the Belarusian people have Kupalovskaya aesthetic system — national Belarusian and bytsiyna-antalyagichnaya. And it exists regardless of whether the government sees it, does not perceive. It exists for itself alone . But nothing could be done in a moment. I remember in 1992, the 110th anniversary of Yanka Kupala, I not ordered anyone and Ales Ryazanov material for the magazine "Neman." And he wrote a poem about the "man" we all remember from school. But as written — fresh, interesting, deep! quote: "What I am a man, everyone here knows," but what we have is excellent, almost by heart know is usually a surface phenomenon, its language and another shell more — an obstacle to the realization of … The man — the voice of Being, it is found in the man hole — pipe, pipe, will sound to manifest, to implement and to become a conscious. Only speaking, it makes sense, and only acquiring meaning it opens and allows the person disclosed to the person, in other words, becomes identical existence itself. " This awareness must be Yanka Kupala and in our present society, to get rid of the thought-davneshney Gorky stigma about Belarusian poets who "primitive simply" write. A Midsummer and Colas — creators very profound, even if determined on a global level. Because — great that Vera Rich translates "The latest land." Excellent will be, if any of our poets and know will translate abroad. "
Scoble: "In old days, I passed the Municipal Museum of Yanka Kupala.’s Nice that the government finally found a means for its repair. Museum is being renovated, and God forbid that anniversary had to finish. But I wish to ask you something else. Everywhere in terms of municipal There is pro-government activities Alliance writers. So, here, about the second anniversary and other museum I uttered that it is better, they will not do than spending the role Charhinets and his team. Could similar happen with Kupalovskaya-Kolasauski theme? "
Kislitsyna "Sprafanavats can any phenomenon, including anniversary Kupala and Kolas. We at the Institute made their own plan commemorative events and publications. Adore or can not adore Charhinets, but I think that museums and libraries can mark the event and more narrow circle. If they wish to invite professionals, then we have them, and writers we have. Writers No alliance will not allow me to read or not to read Kolasa. main thing that we have lived by the principles of the very spiritual and cultural development, which for us left classics. Cultural Construction begins in our minds, and we should not Charhinets give a clue what to do. For example, the magazine "Youth" announced a competition-share to young creators at the various aesthetic level wrote poems dedicated Kupala and Kolas. Editorial promised — we will print all. And I think this contest will be more useful than any of the excellent shares, no matter who was invited by Neil Gilevich or Cherginets. main thing is that these ideas came to the youth. Where there Cherginets appeared and made — young uninteresting, his train left. "
Scoble: "Anna, do you believe that good poetry can make to order?"
Kislitsyna: "Earlier I said: No, the real poetry is created only by inspiration. But I know a beautiful example that taught me so do not read. There is a cute devchenka Valzhina Mort. About it a lot at the moment they say, it’s already in the United States with his poems speaks her on the British language. And you know where it began as a poet? She sent the poem to the contest, on the anniversary of Adam Mickiewicz. And it was such an awesome verse that immediately saw girlfriend: who is she? Pupil School in Minsk number 24. So if a person is gifted, he does not care on what a start. "
Scoble: "In the old days sure … I looked on Belarusian television decent telespektakl entitled" Comedy of Errors "- by Shakespeare. Admit telenachalnik big question, which are also included in the organizing committee and who suddenly" our sights on William Shakespeare’s "a show that by Kupala, Kolas on? And indeed, that is, in their repertoires of our theaters? "
Semenova: "It is a pity that now for some reason do not show" Tuteyshyh "in Kupala theater …"
Sidorevich "I interrupted you, but not here to recall that" Tuteyshyh "and with school programs this year are going to throw."
Semenova: "In the Russian theater and is not now" scattered nest. "And this product in our days are received completely different resonance. Because now people once again lose the apartment, their estates. Well endless" Pavlinka "now completely knitted read. I think that in both the capital’s theaters, which have the status of State and Kupala, and Russian, and Midsummer Colas must constantly be in the repertoire, with each month. well I relate to contemporary playwrights, but in theaters must necessarily go public classics. It is a pity, for the moment there is no amateur theaters, and at on
e time it was canceled aesthetic and ethical school, the school of life. "
Scoble: "No, why, amateur theaters and now operate. For example, at the Academy of Art a good student theater. Well" Free Theatre "with no ability to act lawfully, now giving performances on personal apartments."
Sidorevich: "I believe the stately director Nicholas Pinigina. His play" Tuteyshyya "I watched a couple of times. Pinigin and put another excellent performance — "Simon the Musician." I really would wish Pinigin to put his talent to the same "The latest land." I’m sure he will succeed. "
Scoble: "We expect from Pinigina performances and from television broadcast of the performances, as prescribed in the municipal plan. Here were named editions are planned and have already entered in the municipal publishers. But I know that some are independent structures zealous in this direction. Sovereign Anatoly Sidorevich, you invest adnatomniki selected works and Kupala and Kolas. What will represent these books? "
Sidorevich: "This is really a non-governmental initiative. And we assumed that the Midsummer Colas and should always be in bookstores. Kupala That will include poetry, poems, dramatic poems, plays and journalism. If you remember, in 2005 that came Kupalovsky in a series of "Logos." And our publication — sort of "knigazboravskaga" that. When compiling, we also take into account that a large Kupala "Inheritance," which in 1955 in Munich gave Stanislav Stankevich also book "Come with a heart like a torch" , which in 1982 released with the entry Anatolia Vertinsky Ales Ryazanov. (There’s a first time since the 1920s was written poem Kupala "On Christmas Eve"). In this volume we expect to include the best of the best, so it was a textbook-antalyagichny Kupala. Harder to Yakub Kolos. We know that Colas — creator of the few good and beautiful lyrical poems. After Colas — epic, created by 2-unrivaled poems "newcomer earth" and "Symon music." And then we throw up your hands and think, and do not need to produce to the same third that — Ear-writer? "In Polessian beaten path" — a delightful prose. Even "In the vastness of life" — what a romantic thing! Remind — a period byelorussization, the NEP period, when everyone lived optimistically looked to the future with confidence. Mentioned here translating "newest land" on the British language Vera Rich. In time I happened to be a translation of the reviewers’ newest land "in Polish, perfectly made Czeslaw Senyuh. I read a line in a row — the original and a Polish translation. And there was a question — what edition Senyuh translated poem? We only presently produced inspection that in the embodiment later. And the best, Traditional, dates from 1927. Kolosov invektyvami on municipal cooperation and trade in the Byelorussian SSR. "
Scoble: "According to the rules, in the collection of essays cut one last lifetime edition works. Which edition of" newcomer earth "will be collected works Kolasa?"
Kislitsyna: "This academic publication. There’s a special section will be located all options."
Sidorevich: "We will give Kupalu on pershavydannyah, will zvyaratstsa with" flute "," playing "," Unending Songs "," sleeping on the Hill, "" The method of life. "In 1920 Midsummer still himself and in 1930 edited th and later already over Kupalu repaired, thus ruled out of ideological judgments. "
Kislitsyna: "In the world there is a practice of the poets up and sort books of his predecessors. In my opinion, said razanavskae favorites Kupala — not the best. And this is fundamentally that specific creative person deposit books classics, not bureaucrats. Because very fine that is engaged Anatoly Sidorevich. He knows history, knows the facts, he knows of that incident or any other product. But surely there must be some "copyright" editions as did Ales Ryazanov. "
Sidorevich: "I — Volume Kupala compiler and editor — Alexander S. Ryazanov."
Scoble: "We now went navsled for municipal action plan and talk directly about Kupala and Kolas, though it may be, and not entirely justified. If we have already done so, I would like to mention really Kolasa and joint texts Kupala, according to the latest As signed their names. This letter from the Chairman of the CPC BSSR Nicholas Golodeda — in defense of the arrested OLEKHNOVICH Frantisek (1928). And a letter to the Secretary of the Central Committee of the PBC Panteleimon Ponomarenko — in defense of the arrested Alexander Vlasov (1940). And that at that time meant a similar protection ? "
Sidorevich: "When arrested Frantisek OLEKHNOVICH, first rushed into battle Maxim Gorki. If the authorities did not act his personal list, he collected signatures Kupala, Kolas other recognizable cultural figures. Then the authorities took the decision salyamonava: OLEKHNOVICH left on Solovki and Vladislav Dove gave the title of People’s Artist of Belarus. I draw your attention to the language of letters. 1st petition to Nicholas Golodeda written Belarusian, because it was the Prime Minister of the Byelorussian SSR, which read in Russian, and almost all of the documents it issued by the Office of the Belarusian (or at least on the 2-languages). Ponomarenko A petition to have written in Russian. Climate exchanged, and even folk poets Kupala and Colas, and together with them Zmitrok Byadulya obliged to adapt to Accidents and write in Russian. was hard. "
Scoble: "The year before, in Poland on the international poetry festival" Warsaw Autumn poetic "I heard from the Polish poets:" Miscavige? He’s already out of date, it is not interesting to the modern reader. "And what is the current burning for Belarusians Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas?"
Kislitsyna: "I do not read so long ago, along with his son" Tuteyshyh "(while they remain in the school program there.) We read on roles, and by the reaction of offspring I beheld that Kupala now topical as ever. I think if we read the letters and Kolasa verses Alexandra Kettler, letters Svetlana Somov, we will open new Kolasa yourself. "
Semenova: "Kupala and Colas they say about never-ending mysteries of life: the life, death, love, about the relationship of creator and power. Moreover they say about it at the highest artistic level. A similar themes do not age."
Sidorevich: "Read Kupalu. Read his poems, especially his plays. Ibid bred a gallery of types of national character. For example, Nikita Znosak. Footnote What we now rule on the local and the highest level …"
Semenova: "Between protchaya …"
Sidorevich: "In-in … Kupala was a terrible critic, he did not ramantyzavav own people, but coupled with the fact he was a realist. A Kolasa take." Tales of Life "are worth it? Not so long ago I asked Paul Seviarynets letter — recommend someone to read? And I would refer him Kupala, Kolas and Maxim Garetsky. They were able to look at the root. This is the essence. "

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