Tariffs on utility services will grow almost twice as from 1 July this year

On this week 1927 "Belarusian Source" writes about the celebration of the ninth anniversary of the independence of Belarus in Prague: "The only dissonance meeting must be seen and vyyasnits why information officer meeting on another supreme representative and chairman of the Belarusian independence organization, why that person as a fundamental point "she found" the other, and most importantly, the Belarusian welcoming appeal as pratrublenae pamaskovskamu "comrades"? .. celebration was completed amicable call freedom of Belarus and Belarusian adpyayannem Marseillaise. "
At the same time in 1957, "Fatherland" continues the discussion with the editors of Bialystok "Niva": "Editors" Niva "know very badoh, that none sober-minded person will do for themselves no illusions about the policy of the Nazis in against Belarus … Belarusian intelligentsia used only the limited capacity of the state, which then existed. She, as she could, so protecting the Belarusian population as of willfulness of the Nazis and the Bolshevik partisans who burned villages in Belarus for more than the Nazis. "
In 1997 "Star" has placed the following information: "Tariffs on utility services will grow almost twice as from 1 July this year. As told BelTA Minzhilkomhoze, it is caused by the fact that even after the April Fool’s increasing prices do not cover the citizens and forty percent of current operating costs. One hundred percent paid only radio services and debris removal. "

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