Tatiana Seviarynets appealed to the tribunal

Teacher with 35 years experience Tipo fired for absenteeism: Head of Education Department Pershamajski district Vladimir Shloma signing statement Ms. Seviarynets vacation at his own expense, few days overturned its own decision. So makarom, Returning from vacation, Tatiana Seviarynets found that missed 6 working days without any preconditions.
Protect the interests of the teacher will be recognized in court lawyer Misha Zamalin Vitebsk. At the hearing going to come and also the ancestors of high school students number 40, where Tatiana taught Seviarynets Russian language and literature.
Teacher decided to defend themselves and kids: students fifth grade, where she was class teachers wrote letters to the district education department, also the Minister of Education Alexander Radkov. Response to his request to quit school teacher beloved disciples waited until.

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