Tatiana Seviarynets threatened with dismissal from work

According to Tatyana Seviarynets, director of the Vitebsk school number 40 Yuri Lawrence said that the official order of dismissal it is expected two weeks. The official reason for dismissal — absenteeism, 6 working days during the vernal vacation.
Seviarynets: "I wrote a statement on vacation at his own expense during the vernal vacation and director signed it. Pervomajskaya Head of Education district administration also gave consent.
Now the director told me that the head of the education department ordered the personnel department to prepare documents for my dismissal because I "skipped" springtime vacation — not come to work ", — told the politician.
From 26 to 31 March Tatiana Seviarynets visited with her daughter in Minsk, also attended the seminar "The Kids in the education system", which was held in Warsaw.
Upon returning it became clear that the head of the regional department of education Vladimir Shlomo, who initially authorized stay, the last day before leaving overturned its own decision.
Written refusal Tatiana Seviarynets not beheld, and because notice of dismissal considered pressure on political grounds.
Seviarynets: "This attitude I realize just how political pressure. Indeed, virtually the first words with which we began our conversation with the head of the department of education, were" throw politics, and everything will be fine ".
I ask: "Vladimir A., and on what was caught, if I had detention?" It reads: "Election". I say: "What election? This I exercise their constitutional right: If it is necessary I will continue to participate in their" So if I get fired, I’ll sue. "
Tatiana Seviarynets balyatavalasya on candidate Vitebsk city council, but Election Commission it is not registered. It has the highest teacher category and almost June 30 years experience in teaching — a teacher Russian language and literature.
If you receive the order for dismissal, said Tatyana Seviarynets sue on the head of district education department.

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