Tatyana Klimova: In a month we were going to move to Moscow

2nd day politician Andrei Klimov is in Minsk remand Valadarski Street. Recall: the former deputy Andrei Klimov was detained on April 3 and charged with inciting subversion, vserasprostranennyh the Web.
On criteria for content Klimov anything yet unclear. Now, April 4, wife of the politician wife Tatyana Klimova transferred to jail on some clothes and food several days. Later, Tatiana is going to appeal to the investigator Anatoly Godunov to allow her date with her husband.
"While I did not appeal to him. Yesterday he called me himself, after 6 pm already, and said that my husband was arrested and placed in isolation. A to addition time no one in the prosecutor’s investigative department did not pick up. "

T.Klimava: "Its one of the initiation of proceedings does not officially informed. Vyznat He from the Web and then went to understand."

Tatyana Klimova believes that prosecutors intentionally investigators said in the media about some excitement criminal case against her husband, to lure him to the prosecutor. "Its one of the initiation of proceedings does not officially informed. Vyznat He from the Web and then went to understand," — says Tatiana. Hear explanations from officials of the investigation department of Minsk Prosecutor A. Klimau failed — no answer.
Exclusively in December Andrei Klimov came back with "chemistry", which served in the Gomel region. What he was going to do in Lately? According to Tatyana Klimova, her husband, together with partners planned to begin commercial project in Moscow, and his subsequent plans have also been linked with Moscow.
Klimov: "He just came from Moscow and was going back there. Fussed about moving, solve organizational problems. Walking, no one is hiding on Sunday was at the stadium. "
Tatyana Klimova said in late May, along with the children was also going to move to Andrew in Moscow. Another prosecution wife Tatyana Klimova explains features of the Belarusian government.

T.Klimava: "This is obviously painful attitude pamotsnenae regime to the person of my wife."

Klimov: "It’s obvious pamotsnenae painful attitude mode to personality my wife."
From 1998 to 2002 minutes, Andrei Klimov served his sentence on charges of economic sins, even though he and many in Belarus believes that it paid off for organizations active in the impeachment of Alexander Lukashenko. Second time Andrei Klimov was sentenced to imprisonment for a company of street protest on March 25 2005. With the "chemistry" sovereign Klimov was released in late 2006. Policy now threatens sentence of up to three years.
From the words of Tatyana Klimova of days to be determined by which of lawyers will defend Andrei Klimov.

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