The approved draft resolution Chernobyl Way

Vice-chairman Joint civilian Party Alexander Dobrovolsky so commented the results of the round table:
"Our Partisanship is irrelevant. We and other issues working together. And this is the whole society must have the consent. ‘Cause here now Nikitchenko academician, Dr. Lepine, Alexander Volchanin, which is developing the organization" liquidator. "I think we can assist somehow, that voice was heard. "
Alexander Dobrovolsky: "The decision of Chernobyl problems we have agreed."
Panellists had read about, that have actually been a law on the protection of victims of the Chernobyl disaster.
In order to defend their rights, Liquidators do public company, Alexander says her favorite Volchanin
"I I wish to say, it is not benefits, and compensation for their lost health. Those bureaucrats who claim that everything is fine in the country, and are engaged in postscripts, I think they need to drive into the cervix. And if sovereign Sidorsky can not comply with the law — he should resign. "
Alexander Volchanin: "We demand no benefits, and compensation for the loss of health."
Chairman of the organizing committee of public action "Chernobyl Way" Ivan Nikitchanka proves that the requirements will be presented by the victims in the midst of others in the resolution of public action "Chernobyl Way":
"In this project, we propose that the government, in which dying people, had municipal aaplet Salvation own people. If this programm will work, then something moves. "
Ivan Nikitchanka "Will municipal programm salvation of his own people."
According to Academician Ivan Nikitchanka in Belarus recent years population declined by half. According to professionals in the UN, by 2020 would not have millions. And in 2050 the country will lose a third of its population.
Draft resolution entitled "Chernobyl Way" discussions are representatives of different political parties.

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