The Belarusian side does not agree with the fruits of South American investigation

Recall that native Shchuchin student of the Belarusian State Technical Institute Alex Vasilevsky, who arrived in the U.S. on a student visa 16 June 2006. Belarusian took a job in a restaurant Maine Turnpike plaza in the town of Wales and stayed in the hostel for foreigners. A day or two body Alexei Vasilevsky found a structure in the guesthouse, there was close and found a knife. By honey professionals this knife and was dealt a mortal blow to the neck of the young man. Forensic doctors do not exclude as forceful destruction and suicide.
But Belarusian side, emphasis on testimony from relatives and friends Alexei Vasilevsky, believes that suicide could not be, because the guy was never suicidal. As the embassy lawyer Paul Szydlowski, Vasilevsky "never had mental and psychological problems, he had never seen nor psychiatry, nor a psychologist." "Those who knew him at school and university, called the young man very contact, pleasant, balanced young man, "Says the lawyer.
Representatives of the Belarusian diplomatic mission also expressed their concern that not had the ability to acquainted with the progress of the investigation and the case.

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