The Commission assists victims of Chernobyl

Since the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, the European Commission has provided significant support for zmyakchennya consequences of this failure, namely whether Belarus, which accounted for 70% of the radioactive emissions, — the Statement of the EC Delegation.
Additionally, up to 240 million euros, aimed at trying to make the Chernobyl zone harmless, the Commission has allocated € 100 million for research into the effects of the Chernobyl disaster for healthy» I environment, and support for their zmyakchennya. Assistance, namely, directed at improving the healing of the more vulnerable victims, particularly victims of thyroid cancer and to establish strategies abezzarazhvannya in urban and rural areas of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, namely, to ensure uncontaminated products harchavannya.Kamisiya also provides assistance in 1991 in the amount of 20 euros milienav on economic and social revival of the Belarusian regions affected by the catastrophe, through, for example, assistance to the local population in the development of new agricultural areas.
In order to strengthen their own support, aimed at the Belarusian youth and kids, the Commission has acted very splotchenno with UNICEF to launch new projects to support. The Commission is ready to continue the dialogue with all stakeholders, that have attitude towards aid. The European Commission remains of the Chernobyl problem and interests will continue support to the affected region and population. The Commission is very longs to behold that it is rapidly deployed to help improve the lives of people and victims of regions — the Statement of the EC Delegation.

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