The European Union towards Belarus — not politics, not a strategy, and saturated running in place

Tsigankov: "To start a dialogue with Belarus on» united Europe European Union should lift sanctions against Belarusian officials." This was announced yesterday in Brest journalists Alexander Lukashenko. All this does not fundamentally coincides with the position of the European Union, which just asks of Belarus first steps — release of political prisoners, the democratization of the electoral law, etc.. With such different approaches as they can develop relations between Belarus and the EU? "
"In Belarus, not counting those officials banned arrival in the European Union, lives almost 10 million people. With them and need to expand cooperation."
Navasyad "several years ago adopted a" turn-based strategy. "But it did not work, of course, because each entity must make a step forward each other.
European Union today, first you need to work with the public, and not dwell on past decisions. In Belarus, not counting those officials banned arrival in the European Union, lives almost 10 million people. With them and the need to enhance cooperation. "
Tsigankov: "In winter, when the official Minsk were very tense affairs with Moscow, Lukashenko time several sensational interview made such statements that have led some analysts see this as a definite flirtation with the West. But Lukashenka’s statements last week gave reason to believe that this flirtation ended … "
Silitski: "Even if Lukashenko clearly stated that although" we are ready to improve relations ", the EU puts the" unacceptable conditions. "Who could realize because it was all clear. Belarusian leader tried to play on certain anti-Russian sentiments in Europe, some concerns European energy security, to try to knock out some privileges. artificiality But these maneuvers it was transparent and trivial. What is happening at the moment, not surprisingly, Lukashenko and behaves quite turn. "
"Are there sanctions?"
Tsigankov "Lukashenko yesterday also read about the loss of those who suffer from Belarus cancel trade preferences. He said, in effect, means that these minor, not the amount that caused worries. Should Europe to introduce real sanctions or destroy it before that is not power, but ordinary Belarusians? "
Navasyad: "If it will only economic sanctions and there will be no decisions on other fronts, it will not benefit the society and the European future of Belarus.
It is worth considering — and whether these sanctions today? About 45 companies now provide about 90 percent of cash receipts in the budget. Netherlands, England, Germany only increasing trade with Belarus. Sanctions do not have to read. If they were indeed introduced, Belarusian citizens would feel it for the next day. "
"The European Union towards Belarus — not politics, not a strategy, and saturated running in place."
Tsigankov: "Indeed, the Belarusian exports to the EU reached the 50 percent. If desired to enter the West real sanctions, not to take, for example, the Belarusian products, this would simply collapse the Belarusian economy and social explosion. Certainly, the EU does not want to do. Vitaly which EU strategy towards Belarus, in your opinion, would be necessary? "
Silitski: "I will make a world that is not in the Brussels bureaucrats Belarus no practical trouble. Safety issue, conventional trade and so provides the Lukashenko regime, and it suits them. Conflicts arise only value, and measures are being taken at the level of rhetoric.
The same "sanctions", which everyone says. Let’s use the correct terminology, because "the exclusion of preferences" — it does not sanction a denial of privileges defined.
Then makingcamping, playing into the hands of Lukashenko. In 1-x, he gets a big ideological trump card. In-2-x, the official propaganda blow up these sanctions much more than they are. B-3, the European Union does not solve any steps that would demonstrate solidarity with the Belarusians Europeans. Because they impose sanctions against the regime and against society. However, the deterioration of the visa regime. There rhetoric that "we isolate Lukashenko and not people" — so that’s just people and they isolate!
This is not politics, not a strategy, it is saturated with jogging on the spot. "
"Steps solidarity can speed configuration in Belarus"
Tsigankov: "I will clarify — what would you want from them directly? What should they do? Free visas for Belarusians?"
Silitski: "Totally. They said:" We it will create, If you improve the situation with this and that. "They are advised that some steps can speed up the configuration of solidarity in Belarus to become a catalyst for them, and they pretend that they do not understand. tear, bend over, so do something Belarus — such sentiments in the European Union is not, and this should honestly read ".
Tsigankov: "How will sound European factor against the background that the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections in Russia? Will Lukashenka again to the European theme, something to bargain in Moscow? Which configurations in relations between Belarus and the EU can be expected in the coming months? "
Navasyad: "At the moment there is a competition in Belarus thoughts and pro-European direction has a chance to win. ‘Cause we are very curious what kind of strategy will be to develop the European Alliance. Authorities are interested in the" status quo ", and such a situation, the balance of interests that converged in Belarus, suitable for both Moscow and the European Union.
Let me remind you, by the way, that in 1995, when withdrawn from Belarus nuclear weapon, an agreement was signed between the U.S., Britain and Russia, where these countries have pledged to refrain from pressure, including economic, which may lead to loss of political sovereignty of Belarus. "
Tsigankov: "Vladimir read about the status quo, but, for example, Alexander Fyaduta in one of our gear, said that Lukashenko would be a terrible dream, when Europe and Our homeland agree upon a common strategy towards Belarus. Maybe it? "
Silitski: "The overall strategy really would disrupt the status quo, which was formed in Belarus, Lukashenko and it would be a very nasty fact. But let’s be realistic, the chances are slightly — I do not think that our homelandwill not negotiate with the Europeans about Belarus.
I wish to add to what is read for the Suppression of Vladimir 2-thoughts. The EU simply does not indicate his own intrigued to Belarus defeated pro-European thought. And this is what the status quo, the contents of which contributes to Lukashenko. "

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