The more Lukashenko wants to become Europeans, the better for all

State Center for Democracy, which is run by Nadia Duke — One of the most influential and recognizable centers that support for democracy in the countries in which it does not. Last year, during the election campaign this particular center Belarusian KGB vinyl in support of "Partnership".
As a U.S. organization to work in a country where authorities use anti-American arguments to discredit the recipients of foreign aid? Nadia says Duke.
"Anti-Americanism is inherent not only in Belarus, we are confronted with it even in Eastern Europe. But it is — the result of internal political situation, and not a reaction to U.S. policy. Offensively We observe how a country like Belarus, which is in the center of Europe, so far depart from the principles of democracy. It’s exciting and the United States and the European Union, and many organizations, it excites the South American Congress, which not so long ago extended the "Act on democracy in Belarus." Congress is very supportive of Belarusian democrats. This problem — one of the few on which we — the Americans and the Europeans — we can find agreement.
Civilian society in Belarus is gaining momentum and we will support it as we can. We know that last week was held in Belarus crowdy demonstration, there had a lot of youth. Unfortunately for them it is the only method to declare their own quest for freedom. We wish them much success in this way. "
Often you can hear the view that foreign aid opposition under dictatorial regimes, with one side, from time to time, or not the only means of survival recipients, on the other hand, gives rise to their dependency psychology and cynicism. As Nadia Duke refers to this problem?
"If there are prerequisites for cynicism in public activists, it acts faster authorities. My experience at the National Centre of democracy indicates that our help — not only real, and moral. There is an international society of Democrats who are very concerned about the situation in such states such as Cuba, North Korea, and unfortunately as Belarus.
And this global society Democrats support Democrats these countries, emphasize, first morally. Although real help from time to time really only means of survival of democratic views of people in such countries. If you are living there, a day or a day out demand free elections, freedom of the media, and in response a day or a day out get repression — is like nothing else, pushes to cynicism. "
After the crisis in relations with Russia, Alexander Lukashenko, has made a number of statements which indicated his willingness to do better business with the West. How to treat these claims manager of the State Center of democracy?
"We wish success Lukashenko. More he wants to become Europeans, the better for all. But the question is how he wants to make things better. Introduction of visa sanctions against Belarusian officials had completely certain prerequisites, Belarus was take certain steps: hold free elections, to end the persecution of political activists and non-governmental organizations, freedom of the media.
If Lukashenko wants to become Europeans, I believe Europe will accept it with open arms if he does what he has to do. "
In the near future intensified criticism of the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, which monitors the progress of the election, from such countries as Belarus and our homeland. Our homeland refused to invite observers offices next Duma elections. Salting U.S. OSCE Julie Finley explains why countries that criticize the Bureau, under her views have radios:
"Most of these States shall be removed to realize that their awareness of fair elections is not entirely correct. She did not realize that the question about the events that occur within a day or many weeks before the vote. And what happens in this time, more fundamentally than the actual vote. It has to do with freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. Whether all candidates have equal access to radio and television? Do they have an opportunity to gather his supporters in the town square to express their eyes? "

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