The next step of economic liberalization?

Official sources report that the decision of the National Bank has been agreed with the head of the country. Whether it is possible to call another step in the liberalization of the Belarusian economy? Whether the threat of foreign intervention in the banking market of Belarus? On these questions responsible economist Alexander Chubrik.
Tsigankov: "Whether it is a decision to call a certain step towards the liberalization of the banking sector in Belarus?"
Chubrik: "Of course, you can. Has long been negotiated in the framework of Belarus joining the WTO, and has long been said that it is necessary to remove such restrictions. But you know, we have a very hard to remove any restrictions. But I would have said that this is not so liberalization — the authorities simply needed funds through privatization.
Because maybe, will finally done intention to implement a 10 percent stake to foreigners "BBK", even some municipal banks will be prepared to sell. To do this, and it took such a decision. But half — it’s not 100 percent and expect that foreigners will be sold naikrupneyshim Belarusian banks — it is not necessary. "
Tsigankov: "But would not this move to a threat of foreign intervention in the banking sector in Belarus?"
Chubrik: "What kind of intervention can be read. Especially since foreign assets — the better. If foreign banks are willing to buy our invest here capital, technology, modern management, the ability to lure funds zabugornyh markets — it’s great. In the Baltic countries, perhaps up to 100 percent of the banking system privatized. No threat is not here. "
Tsigankov: "It is reported that the total authorized fund of Belarusian banks increased to 2.4 billion dollars. Once quoted number that this volume is comparable to the statutory fund of a strong one Russian bank. Either it is comparable and at the moment?"
Chubrik: "About the same. These are very small by international standards means."

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