The purpose of the Pentagon — Syria

The purpose of the Pentagon - Syria
On the days of the South American Congress for poupryamivshis mind agreed with Obama Nobel peacemaker and gave good Pentagon to provide military assistance to terrorists, hired thugs and cannibals, who in the democratic state of the planet including the «rebels», sparing tummy own fighting for democracy. Against the decision of the head of the Congressional Joint Chiefs of Staff U.S. quarreled with «hawk» McCain, another huge kidnappers and davneshnim supporter of intervention in Syria. General Dempsey wrote to the commission for the armed forces of a letter in which he explained it lucidly, that can be an invasion of Syria — and how much it will cost. In general, it is not enough reasons anyone is interested: in spite of the economic crisis, and perhaps because of it, Barack Obama is eager to attack.
What information the media about the Senate approving aid «rebels» — not hog-wash, confirmed at a press briefing nedavneshnem Jane Psak, headmistress of the press service of the State Department. She was asked about whether really begin to supply the opposition whitewashed house gun. Psak replied as follows: «This conclusion is — true, but the timing or specifics, I could not read.»

The other day, General Martin Dempsey quarreling with Senator McCain. Old «hawk», has long been torn bomb (sorry, democratize) Syria, found a way to click on General. Openly using his official position, the congressman said that overlaps another statement Dempsey to the post. But if you provide a general plan of operation …

To this General invented a good answer. He really made a plan. Even three plans — not much there, first and second do not like McCain. So now there are plan «A» and «Plan B» and plan «B». Decipher: «training opposition groups», «introduction-fly zone over Syria» and «air strikes on Syria.» However, these plans were not sent Dempsey McCain and Carl Levin — the man who heads the Armed Services Committee in the Senate. In general, the geopolitical differences between Levin and McCain is not. Campaign for the blocking probability Dempsey as Chief of the Joint Committee, they threatened to start together.

In a letter to General brought some big numbers that should have been very angry McCain as allusion was clear: the crisis in the country, and you spend a billion here as easy as burn matches.

Mr. Dempsey said that the operation in Syria reclaims the use of «hundreds of aircraft, ships and other means of attack,» and it will cost billions of dollars. Here’s another hint: the U.S. can get a second Afghanistan. Or second Iraq. In general, white house is no stranger.

And if any of the Yankees in Syria destroyed — shot down the plane, for example — it’s for you and Vietnam, please. Such parallels are needed to cool angering Mr. McCain.

Contained in the letter and another hint — is critical, which previously did not discover general permit. «Getting to action — Dempsey wrote — we must be prepared for them to be followed. It will be hard to avoid the expansion of intervention. We can inadvertently strengthen extremists or cause the application of chemical weapons, which they themselves wish to take control. » Like it or not, and so gave makarom general assessment of the actions of the White House to support those forces that progressive part of the world community recognized terrorists. With regard to chemical weapons, then Dempsey obviously alludes to the probable criticism Stars and Stripes own homeland thereby global society. Pure white house, perhaps counts as before, fend off criticism propaganda, but any given brutal propaganda victory hawks harder.

Dempsey pointed out in the letter that the Assad army can withstand the blow of Washington — provided dispersion forces. General believes that eventually the government army operations Syria will only nekordinalno weakened, for example, increasing defections. One only create no-fly zone can cost U.S. «penny» equal billion dollars … for a month! Not a lot of Dempsey ranges are necessary and effective such zones: Assad is waging war on its territory — and applies in the main ground equipment.

One can imagine that option would be elected (at least, first anti-Syrian campaign) plan «A». In other words, go to Syria instructors commandos also will be supplied weapons.

Curiously, that «yastrebizm» South American satellite England soon not only subsided, but in general has been reduced to zero. Cameron is not eager to deliver a weapon «opposition» to what he called Hollande earlier EU. His latest position is very awkward for both «opposition» and Washington, the British Prime Minister a few days back the reasoned as follows: «there all too hard to get involved. And besides, if we are not talking about such weapons, which we can not deliver because of fears that it falls into the wrong hands, our supplies will not give the opposition a decisive advantage. Only inflame the conflict even more. » And Mr. Idris, the commander of the so-called Free Syrian Army, said that the refusal to supply instrument Cameron «actually condemns us to death at the hands of well-armed army of Bashar Assad.»

Because Idris and flew to the United States: there, he pinned his hopes, he will not refuse. And it is not denied. The press writes that the supply of U.S. arms to the Syrian «opposition» will begin in August.

Washington niskolechko not even embarrassed that the group «Al-Qaida» plan to seize border crossings on the Syrian-Turkish border to establish his control over the northern territories of Syria. It is reported, incidentally, sources of Free Syrian Army. Correspondent «RT» Gayane Chichakyan, referring to the Arab newspaper «Asharq al-Awsat», shows that «Al Qaeda» wants to carry out the operation after Ramadan. Then in Syria will be created Islamic government. At the same time alkaidovtsy wish to gain control over the instrument coming from Turkey, and on the profits from oil smuggling. There is evidence that the «en-Nusra Front» has already arranged with groups of smugglers on the division arrived in Deir ez-Zor.

In another reportage corr. «RT» G. Chichakyan knows that South American instrument has spread to Syria. In the web photo appeared Shiite fighters supporting Assad, with Western instrument. Consequently, Washington does not keep under control your own supply guns.

Which way the M16 and M4 with laser and holographic sight, M203 grenade launchers also fell into the hands fighter, fighting for Assad, is not clear. Philip Smythe, an analyst, states that «if you want, you can get anything you want.» Most importantly — and means of communication.

Obviously, South American gun shoots and in the hands of the Syrian militants. It is reported that South American guns armed members of the «Frente al-Nusra», which is controlled by «Al-Qaeda».

Well, this information will not suspend the whitewashed house. Just think, the M16, you will think, «Al-Qaeda!» Who actually spawned «Al Qaeda»? The same whitewashed house with the help of the CIA. Pure white house now ready to be friends with the Taliban, and there to «al-Qaeda» — one small step.

By the way, Barack Obama may think differently, not because of his predecessors at the highest post? Hardly. He did not Merlin Miller. All U.S. presidents are equally think and do what they did the past presidents. Besides Obama charmed Hillary Clinton, as everywhere muttered an incantation: «Assad must go, Assad must go.»

Assad, but will not go away. This in-1-x. And in-2, even if the Yankees and managed to rake in the heat of someone else’s hands (God forbid), who would they predicted rulers in Syria? Not so long ago, Obama and his State Department rejoiced democratic electoral victory of Islamist Mursi. Whose victory they want to rejoice in Damascus? Ayman al-Zawahiri?

Surveyed and commented Oleg Chuvakin


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