The situation with human rights in Belarus believers compounded

Project Manager "Christian human rights house" Maria Savushkina said:
"The peculiarity of 2006 is that the first time in religious activities Christians were punished by administrative arrests.
This is the case with the church "Testament of Christ" and the pastor of this church Zhoroj Viazovsky. Also the case that for a company seminar with the role of foreign preacher Sergei Shevtsov was arrested for 10 days.
Previously there were none, and it is such a sad statement that the threshold pressure itself ran with fines and warnings to specifically arrest and punishment. "

Lawyers say that in Last year become substantially more penalties for the conduct of religious activities without permission.
The authorities also denied many foreign priests (especially Catholic) who wished work in Belarus.
For the first time in the past year, evangelical believers and church denominations turned to fasting.
Maria Savushkina states that monitors violations lasts:
"The situation is aggravated, because we continue to monitor. Supports information legally and Christians of various denominations who suffer from pripiraniya authorities.
That information came from Grodno that there Prosecutor’s Office issued a warning to his brother in the main Orthodox brotherhood. For what it’s going for prayer and brotherhood has no official permission for this. "

During the presentation of a member of the Supervisory Board "Christian human rights house" Valentine Trigubovich mentioned that in 2002 the human rights activists opposed to the new law on freedom of conscience:
"Initially, samples were active to prevent those articles that will discriminate against believers. Cancel Error certain articles. And now we see, that the predicted violations under this law — all implemented.
Another brand new group of defenders took majority rule in our country — the rights of Christians. And then for the majority we litsezreem that situation — this law and most violated state as well as the rights of other social groups, as the majority. Like, say, the right to use the Belarusian Belarusian language. "

Member of the organizing committee of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Vital Rymasheuski announced during the presentation of the petition for a change of the law on freedom of conscience:
"This is a campaign to protect the church from persecution. For now suffering church in Belarus.
We believe — as Christians who are engaged in politics — that the first task, we need to do — to plead for the safety of the church. In
including and political ways.
Prior to this, the company has to organize to protect their own rights, the protection of the church. "

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