The summit ended in Krakow, reached an agreement about the pipeline

The main goal of the summit — an agreement in the joint construction of the Odessa-Brody to the Polish town on Plock and Gdansk to later — is achieved.
This project will allow to supply not only in Poland, and further to western Europe oil from the Caspian Sea coast.
Fotyga: "One of the principal areas of our government — a search abilities take energoelementy the southeast. This is crucial for the whole of Europe. We almost completely dependent on from 1 supplier — and as for gas, and that to the oil. Because of this, we and our neighbors have had severe problems. We wish, supporting business and pragmatic business with Russia, have other sources of oil and gas supplies. This value and for the president and the government, "- said the Minister Foreign Affairs Anna Fotyga.
Meanwhile her deputy Paul Koval said that he was surprised such activity of in connection with the summit. The other day summit Russian President Putin invited the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to pay a visit to Turkmenistan to negotiate on deliveries of Turkmen gas.
As a result, Nazarbayev arrived in Poland, and the media reported that Moscow specifically tried to disrupt the Krakow summit.
Yet, Polish President Lech Kaczynski referred to meeting "successful", because the leaders of Lithuania, Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Poland adopted a declaration which stipulates the establishment of an ad hoc working group on the draft of the Odessa-Brody-Plock-Gdansk.

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