The verdict will be announced Vintsuk Vyachorka and 14 hours

Referee Lyudmila Sebastian heard eyewitness testimony — commandos and police Chichko Supruna. They stated that if Vyachorka came out of the taxi, he began to scold and threaten neprelichno them repossession after the regime change. Eyewitnesses, but could not answer the question of which way they were going at the time.
Vintsuk Vyachorka at trial revealed that for a long time before the incident behind him watched people in civilian clothes. People in civil and detained him on the landing by the elevator in his house. Together with him were his adult offspring and nine year old daughter.
The arbitrator dismissed the petition of lawyer Sebastian Vecherki hear testimony Franak Vyachorka commanders and witnesses — police commandos.
At this point, the referee writes a sentence.
In the Russian court of Minsk immediately takes over the tribunal and opposition activist Vyacheslav Siuchyk. It is expected that the verdict will be announced at 15.30.

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