These people call themselves patriots, patriots, but this is not done by

"In the commune of Porzecki. Shymelun Rotnitse wants to recycle their own faithful sheep on Lithuanians, — reported in 1927 Grodno" Dziennik Kresowy ". — During his journey around the parish, he appeals to people only in Lithuanian, but when he hears protests parishioners that they This language does not realize he reads them in Belarusian, from time to time in Russian, while the Polish language has very badabout. This happens on the cross, where up roitstsa against various instigators who are struggling with the Polish statehood. Long even our government will look at it flegmantichno? "
In 1937, "Vitebsk proletarians" writes: "the trading organization to get Mayday prazdnichkom lot of different products. Rybzbyt releases on sale in grocery stores 18 tonnes of herring, a huge batch of fresh, steam room and smoked fish, different car and 15 tons of canned sprats. In addition Belharchgandal and Kanservzbyt These days are slivachnaga receive 30 tons of oil and 200 boxes of eggs kanserviravanyh game hens … On pre-days of trading hours in all stores will increase substantially. "
"Name", year 1997. Chairman of the Belarusian Youth Union Sergey Doronin speaks about the development of the Patriotic Union: "It’s just the perfect word. Never this alliance will bring up the Patriots. Since there are those who want to get better. We have information that paspyashali this alliance and those associated with the criminal world. These people call themselves "patriots" but patriots of this is not done. "

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