They basically show that they are good from the crowd.

"And there are people who will always go against the flow …"
Tsigankov: "How do you now in the midst of the Belarusian youth developed various informal society, what is called a youth subculture? You can agree with the views of, nowshnyaya own youth in most conformist, it enters into BRYU without any ideological reason, simply seeks what is called, make a career, do his life carefully since 18 years without attacks? "
Sakharov: "I think read that there are any spikes or downgrades subculture, generally not even worth it, because there is always the youth subculture. And they will continue to exist, regardless of what is happening in the country or in the place where they live. Another thing is that, of course, if something presses on the outside or inside of this youth subculture that developed stronger, better.
As for Belarusian youth currently conformist, I think it is also partly a rhetorical question. Certainly, this conformism currently more obvious, but read that 90 percent of the Belarusian youth suddenly become conformist, it is not necessary, as there are always people who want to live better and make this a minimum of effort. And there are people who will always go against the flow. "
Tsigankov: "Still, the waves were. The latest known — is the wave of the late ’80s, when different youth associations, non-political groups were simply prestigious. Punks, rockers, hippies — all exceeded the average amount everyday. At the moment we can not say that so few young people are not involved in similar societies. "
Sakharov: "I do not think that young people, who began to belong to subcultures, now less. Maybe it is not of course — because the information itself is the place at the moment more closed, more lowered, so to speak. And than we really litsezreem and know what is happening in the country, and even what is happening in the adjacent yard or house. I think you can not talk about the fact that if there was an explosion, and at the moment the decline. "
Not isolated in their own cabin malehankih
Tsigankov "Bogdan you answer this question? What part of the youth participates in this informal life, makes a subculture? How big it is, how it is active? "
Orlov: "If we talk about youth, they are all the same need to allocate urban youth and youth village and youth malehankih cities. States that subcultures develop on villages, towns malehankih, I would not."
Tsigankov: "What, in your opinion, do the extraordinary young man who" lucky "to be born again as a village or small town? If he feels such a need, what to do? "
Orlov, "He, first, you need to make connections with the outside world. Install Web at home, for example. Such people need to be more extroverted, they should seek information about the world is pretty intense. Not isolated in their own cabin malehankih and very intense to see the world . "
Sakharov: "The most basic thing that such a man will realize that can be fully, he’s one in your own town, this village. And that your awareness, in a sense of loneliness, but in a good sense, it should give him strength. So as when a person is conscious of the fact, that, roughly speaking, to confront society (I mean society is not democratic or totalitarian, and at least some), when a man subculture, means he already is in some underground. then he must realize that he is not that one. And if he understands, he will continue to be fun and rewarding to be more extroverted, that said Bogdan. then this psychological pressure on him, an independent psychological pressure not outside, but the inside will be less. "
Tsigankov "said Sergey Sakharov was the main phrase that at least some representative of the youth subculture confronts society to a certain extent. Either democratic society or a totalitarian society. Is there, in your opinion, what is the exact boundary between different youth groups and youth political activists? Conditionally speaking as punks or ravers far from the Young? How can they treat them? Either they understand each other? . "
Orlov: "I think it’s not quite right to distribute the term" subculture "and political preferences of any person. I think there is a middle of the Young punks and ravers. A person may apply to a particular community and to be impartial in politics .. . "
Tsigankov "Bogdan, well, you were here in the square Kalinowski after the presidential election, you were in the tent city … How much, in your opinion, there were no representatives of informal communities? Or more were political activists?
Orlov: "I think that was pretty much the representatives of informal communities, as you have them baptized. This shows first that people, members of the group, alone for yourself exciting, adequate, they think. Their position has defined, and because they were there. "
Tsigankov "I then can clarify your own question. Role in these various groupings — the young person brings to an active public position? Can the rights of such a world, that if a person is interested in any one kind of music, he is a rapper or metalworkers — it is his general limits from the rest of life? "
Sakharov: "If we are talking about the subculture, it should be understood that the particular representatives subculture — it first people who really go for some reason on the confrontation to more people. On political grounds it is slightly different concept …"
Tsigankov: "Can you dramatize very little? May optionally anyone who is interested, conditionally say rap or rave, protsistavlyae himself to society. He just chose it as a hobby. "
Sakharov: "It is exactly what is going confrontation society. As if the boy chooses the same" reperstva, "according to the latest least our country, he understands that his interests are contrary to the greater mass of curiosity. At various times it was called differently. Previously called "Gopnik," At the moment it may be, "bulls". But in our country, if you vyyavlyaessya specifically as an active representative of the subculture that is in some sense, you go to a confrontation with the mass of people. "
"They basically show that they are good from the crowd"
Orlov: "In our country, even if, let’s say, you dress some odezhku not quite everyday, go out on the street, and you have many will take as a representative of subcultures. For you will be on, say, a kind of cap will look askance at you: "That went a rapper." But it does not mean that you go to rallies or what-nibudt is. "
Sakharov: "Younger people, particularly members of subcultures (in our case, talking first about the representatives of musical subcultures) can be interesting and important to show this active plainclothes position. They still really essentially to show that they are good just from the crowd.
And if talk about the fundamental things, mentally — or they for Democratic Change, or not — it will be shown specifically in these "moments X," as, for example, in the past year. Obvious for all it was "time X" presidential elections March 19, and one week. That’s when you can really read that members of subcultures often still some his active political position and choose a. either example of a relatively late 80s — just this certificate. Our example is last year as evidence.
If we are talking about subcultures and their role in Belarus, yes, it’s big, if we say that we want to liberate a society, we want to make people become more open to some new trends that are quite relaxed relate to other people color and people who heed other music tolerant in this sense. "

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