Tomorrow Russian military space: it will

Tomorrow Russian military space: it will
On the Russian Cosmos soon adopted read in the past tense, remembering the glory and success of past times and paying attention to just a day or current woes. Yet, of cosmic Russian programm is very ambitious and, as in the beginning of space exploration, first associated with military needs. It develops and makes its first successes. These successes, maybe not so noticeably as flights to other planets, but they have tremendous value for the future of our country. That’s why the current sample silent merit and drown them in a stream of negativity, replicable based on individual failures — an attack on our future.

I must say that the future will belong to those who will be able to actively explore the near-Earth space. Earth’s surface and the air space more accessible to sensing means (and how annoying it may sound, for weapons) specifically from space. Because space will always be used first for military purposes. Military tasks and objectives of security has always been the locomotive of cosmic programs all states without exception. And if at the moment we are not talking about the derivation of space weapons, with the appearance of existing (even at first glance, a purely civilian) aerospace systems danger of one of the states of the global military-esteem will be very affordable. Because in the foreseeable future, the question of space access tools will be only a matter of time. And then, as though with how high quality leap in the field of armaments, fundamentally who is first and who will possess sufficient scientific and technological level to respond to this challenge.

In general, issues directions of space exploration programs — it is a separate big topic. And presently useful to direct their attention to the current success of cosmic programs from military use. They were in the shadow resounding failures, but this does not become less significant, have not lost their own importance for the country’s defense and for the future of the day Russian Space Program.

As military of cosmic programm of, and inextricably linked to her plainclothes approached the beginning of the new century with a number of systemic problems disposition. In 1-x, is the destruction of a scientific-industrial complex, which allowed the USSR to be the leading of cosmic power. In-2, is the loss of continuity and volume of cosmic military use programs that caused the backlog of cosmic art for a generation. It should say that a civilian sector of cosmic industry managed to survive, is largely due to the enthusiasm of our achievements to the Western states. But the lack of attention to military tribute programm was thrown us a decade back.

Yet, our homeland has become vorachivatsya on its own historical path of a world power, not resigned to the destiny of the world backwater. It requests the recovery potential of the armed forces and bringing them to the level that corresponds to the challenges of the time. But this level is unrealistic to imagine yourself without strategic reconnaissance means, without modern means of communication and control. And all this is impossible without of cosmic applets, broad and forward-looking.

And this programm is realized before our eyes. Specifically, at the moment we are doing a very important step to resume once more frozen Russian programs to implement new programs that have enormous potential and relevance in the decades ahead. On some successes can tell. In general, not zapamyatyvaya and troubles, without which one can not do any great work. Disorders of growth — a sign of growth.

With the Plesetsk cosmodrome on Friday launched a new military unit of cosmic destiny. The satellite has an index number «Cosmos-2486». He launched into orbit and motivated on Saturday taken on the management of funds of cosmic Forces Command EKR. Deputy Managing Roskosmos Anatoly Shilov, after a successful launch shared with reporters at the cost of the satellite, «I’ll give a little secret, this trigger is worth about 10 billion rubles.» What’s all the same for the satellite is so expensive?

A question about a landmark event indeed. Into orbit on an optoelectronic device (optical) exploration of the latest generation «Persona». Its development was carried out since the beginning of the 2000s, Samara Rocket Center Samara Space Center. The optical system is made on the Optical-Mechanical Association LOMO based telescope polutorametrovogo 17V321. It has a high resolution — essentially least 1 meter. For this indicator, the Russian unit of cosmic exceeds all European counterparts and not inferior to the South American.

Of cosmic apparatus «Person» is the development of a series of satellites «Terylene» (last start in 1990) and «Neman» (the latter starting in 2000). It, as well as precursors, receives digital images the surface, which are transmitted in real time via the relay satellite. Is the newest element base, namely, the optoelectronic photodetector hundred percent Russian design (CCD optoelectronic microprocessor with one hundred percent digital transmission path clusters and disk imaging).

More significant difference is the service life and the new device. Lifetime predecessors did not exceed 1 year. «Person» is made on the newest platform «Resource-PPC» — the newest unified database, which can be of cosmic creation devices for various purposes. Because of this, lifetime «Person» should be more than 7 years, which is important for highly complex and very costly of cosmic art.

Yet, on Friday launched the «Kosmos-2486» — this is the second «Person». First reference of this device was launched in July 2008 («Cosmos-2441), and in September became unmanageable. Prerequisite failure of the first «Persons» steel components of the element base, which were made on zabugornyh enterprises (including in one country «near abroad», we will not show finger …).

To create a second «Persons» had to abandon economy, create certain components, the creation of which was lost, and do not use «reserve», the remaining enterprises «near abroad.» First «Persona» cost the country $ 5 billion. rubles. And perhaps, when Anatoly Shilov read about prices second (twice as the highest) — he meant exactly that. But it is necessary to see that in fact the creation of such expensive equipment for the needs of GRU savings on foreign components (albeit not so long ago his own) comes ultimately more expensive. The story of the first «person» impressively proves the truth of the saying «miser pays twice.»

Yet, on the Samara Space Center is assembling another 1st unit series «Person». His start preparing for the end of this or early next year. These devices of cosmic — a really important part of the country’s security, this vision of our armed forces. In this vision more than spicy.

This year will also launched a military satellite ELINT last generation. By continuing the analogy with human bodies emotions, should be attributed to acute hearing. This unit will be a series of «Lotus-C.» He also will be the second in the series. But, unlike the «Persons», the first «Lotus» all right. It was launched in November 2009 (the «Kosmos-2455»), and in the current time is used to test the components of the new system of electronic reconnaissance and target designation. Second «Lotus» will be already full hardware provided by the project.

Tomorrow Russian military space: it will
Satellite intelligence «Lotus-S»

These satellites came to replace another Russian-series «Celina-2», which were part of the same, a very sophisticated system, and implemented so far in the Ukrainian factory «Pivdenmash.» The former system is not yet fully operational. But particularly because of the dependence of producers zabugornyh was decided to develop the latest strategic intelligence system, already quite Russian development and production. What a shame it did not sound, in such matters dependence although friendly, but another country is unacceptable.

Also on July 23 communications satellite launch is planned military use «Meridian». This is also part of a very large and very ambitious applets — Creation Embedded satellite communications systems of the latest generation. Implementation of this applets also not been without setbacks. Two satellite series «Meridian» was lost, and another can not work in the system, because he could not get out into orbit. Yet, to be launched in July seventh satellite «Meridian», and in the middle of August — the third series of «Raduga-1M». Then newcomer military communication system will be fully operational. In coming to its ability to be built up only by means of cosmic next-generation devices.

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