Tribunal in The Hague hid hidden documents about the war in Bosnia

Documents were in the Hague tribunal in 2003. Weave folders contain transcripts of meetings of the Yugoslav government, including former President Slobodan Milosevic during the Bosnian war. Of them namely that the Bosnian Serb army directly controlled from Belgrade, where there for her special hidden center. About 2-thousand soldiers and officers from Serbia even served in the Bosnian Serb army. Documents opened their role in the bloody events in Srebrenica, where in 1995 waskilled about 8 thousand Bosnians — boys and men.
But the tribunal allowed Belgrade to conceal part of the archive to a secret and did not consider these documents during open processes, namely, against former Yugoslav President Milosevic.
Views on the Bosnian lawyers in court who are clamoring to Serbiya uncensorable filed copies of these documents, they could become principal in charge Milosevic. Previous Serbian favorite died in jail, without waiting the verdict of the Hague tribunal.
But the tribunal went to meet the requests of Belgrade to keep a secret in parts of these documents, as it could badly affect the security of Serbia.
Natasha Kandic, director of the Humanitarian Law Center in Belgrade, said that she was shocked by the omission of the Hague Court this case, it implies that the public in Serbia was to know the whole truth about the realities of the war. But officials in the Serbian court were very pleased that we were able such makarom protect their government. They emphasize that Bosnia requests from Belgrade huge funds for damages, that war.
Chairman of the Hague court Razalin Higgins refused to explain these actions, indicating that the judicial practice does not include discussion of their decisions. Other judges who represent the Court Jordan and Algeria, they say that they have been named several circumstances such decisions that they would not be quite convincing.

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