U.S. police investigating the murder of 32 people in the student city

As a result, very few killed 32 people, including the attackers themselves. Who is he, the killer, and what his motives is not clear yet. Also there is no information, or he himself took the life of either the police shot him.
But the picture of what happened, it is already possible in general to return. Silence college town somewhere in Blacksburg after 7 o’clock in the morning and broke the shots in a hostel where live about 900 students and staff of the institute. From 2 hours later, when the police were already searching for the attacker, shooting resumed in the auditorium engineering corps. As at the moment it is clear 32 people, including the bandits were killed. Reported and least 10 the wounded.
Institute experienced a shock. That reaction of the president of the institution, Charles Stegera "shocked and Institute first on the understanding that this nightmare happened to us. I wish to express my most sincere and deepest sympathy to the families of the victims — of our students. "
President George W. Bush to appeal to civilization said that the country is undergoing a profound shock and grief over the disaster in Virzhynskim Institute of Technology. Followers of many countries in the world also expressed their sympathy.
Incident in Virzhynskim Institute of Technology — the bloodiest of him similar in U.S. history. He blinded the second most number of victims of the disaster in 1991 in Texas, where the offender shot 23 people in the restaurant. Had similar tragic incidents in U.S. schools. So, in 1966, the institute again as Texas sniper bullets single, which climbed to a 28-pavyarhouyu clock tower, killing 16 people. Later in 1999 in high school Kalumbayn that in Colorado, two children killed 12 students and a teacher.
At the end of last summer first day classes were canceled and Virzhynskim Institute of Technology. Then the campus was closed because of the adjacent bullpen offender escaped and killed a police guard and clinics. Fugitive was caught in the end. As local police says that during the last 2-weeks have been in danger of exploding bombs student city Virzhynskaga Institute of Technology, but police do not know whether there is a connection between these hazards and disaster yesterday.

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