UCP activist Denis Denisov was released on bail

Mom activist Raisa Denisova, met offspring could just read:
"I am very happy, I am very glad that he was released, he is healthy! Total Thanks Do not know what else to say here …"
Little excitement back tears and Tatyana Denisova Dzyadok girlfriend who came from Minsk meet him. Three last days it is very expected this release:
"And I do not know what to say … Just until the last moment, I did not immediately believe that all will end well, because something always postponed. And at this point I really have no words. I am very, very, very happy! "
Three a day or even reverse, April 9, mom arrested Raisa Denisova transferred to a special account "BBK" fifteen and a half million. Specifically, such a sum, by decision of the investigator Dmitry Novikov was need to Denisov was released on bail.
Fundraising campaign for the release of UCP activist lasted about 2-weeks, the funds donated more than 100 people.
Friends and relatives meant that Denisova released from custody as a pledge list, but expect resolution Regional Prosecutor’s Office had a day or three.
Immediately on the porch insulator journalists started asking Denis Denisov. It turned out that the strongest memory — freshest air after a prison cell.
"Fresh air — it’s so perfect! Thank you so much those people, who collected funds, thank you for writing and congratulations funny day of birth! With most of the letters were from people with whom I am not familiar! For always I changed seven or eight cameras everywhere and I was treated very well.
Many of the people knew about me, since I brought the newspaper, and read them. Now I do not know what will end the investigation in my article. I think that if the law was on my side, those articles simply would not be! "
Denis Denisov held in Vitebsk prison since February 16. His blame the organization of group actions violating public order.
Actions, which filed against Denisova criminal case, held on June 18 in Vitebsk 2006 — then hung out in the regional center white-red-white flag, also appeared graffiti and banners with the word "Revolt".
Investigation in the case of Denis Denisov has to end on April 16. After the documents be forwarded to the District Court in October Vitebsk. If the tribunal recognizes activist guilty, he can give up to 3 years imprisonment.

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