Ukraine passed another test in the school of democracy

Maybe that give a final assessment to the same early in the decision announced today, there may be still some underwater stones and misunderstandings. But it looks that the crisis, which began April 2 edition of the presidential decree on the dissolution of Parliament and early elections, partly ventured.
And how exactly did he ventured, has a very great importance — in the sense of movement towards democracy in Ukraine this event more fundamental than itself "Orange Revolution."
Why? Yes because democracy — is not only a conscientious vote count and already even more so not to win the right, with the best of one’s viewpoint force. This — the procedure, the procedure of compromise. This, incidentally, was perceptible difference moves Ukrainian crisis of developments, for example, in Kyrgyzstan, where all political forces, armed struggle miracle cure — the street, mass, thrashed her each other, hoping to get everything.
In Ukraine, too, "blue and white" very successfully mastered the "orange technologies." But there was one fundamentally opposed — a dialogue between political rivals will not be interrupted for a minute, Yushchenko and Yanukovych personally met almost every day.
Maybe supporters and one the other hand, who stood on the Maidan many in Ukraine last month, it even annoyed, say what those law-breakers, say give victory. Aware of such feelings can be, but "give victory" and "what to say to them" — is to Lukashenka or Putin. And in Ukraine — democracy, in other words, so here is specifically with these and read, his eyes would not look at that.
In other statesah acute political crises are solved with the help of strong, unchanging institutions, as in the United States in 2000 after the election verdict rendered all pochetaemy Supreme Tribunal, to which all agreed. In Ukraine Universities weak credibility, at least to the Constitutional Court, no. And because all the responsibility for the fact that the crisis has not brought down the country into was on the shoulders of the leaders of the political camps.
Here it is necessary to emphasize the role of the international community and specifically the European Union. Not getting any of the parties in Denia, they repeated every day Kiev fighters — negotiate.
But, as experience shows, such advice does not always help too far, so that the main reward here — all the same Ukrainians themselves.
If we consider a certain framework agreement, it is still more visible concessions to the government side, the majority of parliament — still early elections will be held, as president and wanted. But Actually it does not mean the complete defeat of the coalition. Besides, maybe we do not know all the details, and likely certain concessions went and president.
But again — the main thing is not the content of a compromise, and that it has been made, the fact that Ukraine has handed over the next exam in the school of democracy.

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