Ukrainian political crisis: a chronicle

Viktor Yushchenko proved his decision to dissolve Parliament in violation of the order of forming the government coalition and announced early elections on May 27.
"I urge the Ukrainian people to make a responsible and fair conscious choice that will finish step of political intrigues and open the newest prospect for Ukraine."
The same evening, the Verkhovna Rada held an emergency meeting at which declared lawlessness presidential decree, refused to do, forbade government to finance elections and immediately replaced the composition of the CEC, returning to the post of the former chairman of the CEC Kivalava Sergei, who conducted the 2004 presidential elections, which were recognized High Tribunal rigged.
On the critical night cabinet meeting also refused to enforce a decree of preterm parliamentary elections and election finance. Voted against such resolutions only ministers of defense and Foreign Affairs, designated by the government under the quota of the president.
With all this, Defense Minister Anatoly Gritsenko said he would only do the orders-in-Chief — President Yushchenko.
"The decree is necessary to comply with this decision of the head of the country. Regarding the armed forces, they are at the moment in places constant dislocation, will not appear, I wish to refute the information that some armored divisions moving here and there."
Governmental and parliamentary newspaper refused to print Yushchenko’s decree to dissolve parliament, he was placed exclusively in the "presidential messenger."
Now day Verkhovna Rada continued to work, despite the fact that the views of the Presidential Secretariat, its dissolution decree entered into force. Verkhovna Rada and Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych appealed to the people of Ukraine with an explanation, explaining its position. Viktor Yanukovych spoke to supporters gathered at the building of the Verkhovna Rada.
"We will create everything to assure the President of Ukraine to cancel its own decree, if he does not, then I think that in this case not only inevitable parliamentary elections, and presidential."
Yulia Tymoshenko urged his supporters not to come to the area, as their attitude to the Verkhovna Rada, they expressed last Saturday, when Independence Square gathered up to 100 thousand people. BYT and the pro-presidential party "Our Ukraine" has made election headquarters and started the campaign.
Now the Presidential Secretariat of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko accomplished meeting with Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych. Yushchenko said the head of the government, that the Cabinet is not a political force and has to finance early parliamentary elections.
Now Viktor Yushchenko held a meeting with representatives of the security forces and ordered them todo, so were not violated the constitutional rights of people in the state and provided peace and tranquility. Yushchenko ordered the Prosecutor General to check the legality of last night approved resolutions of the Verkhovna Rada.
CEC Chairman Mike Davidovich Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko assured its readiness to hold parliamentary elections in premature vyznachyny them time — May 27.
Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Valentyn Nalyvaychenko said that will ensure smooth work of the CEC and other election commissions.
"Any sample to change the status or the number of illegal or otherwise affect the Ukrainian CEC we regard as an obstacle and an encroachment on the constitutional order of the country."
Police defected to enhanced mode. In Kiev has already arrived a few 10’s of thousands of supporters of Yanukovych and Yushchenko. Yanukovych’s supporters, mostly from the eastern regions of Ukraine, began to gather in Independence Square in Kiev, where 2004 supporters were orange. 24 heads of regional administrations of Ukraine supported Yushchenko’s decree. Not only supported the mayor of Kiev and Sevastopol and the Crimean government control.

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