United States lifted sanctions against 2-companies

Decision of the Ministry for the period up to March 2, 2009 allowed transactions between South American citizens and designated Belarusian enterprises. "The U.S. is ready to answer certain actions, mainly in the economic sphere, the positive actions of the Belarusian authorities to end this week," — said today in an interview with the agency "Interfax-West" Chargé d’Affaires in Belarus Jonathan Moore.
"Concrete steps must be mades naypazney to the end of the week. Specifically, the lifting of sanctions is dependent on a huge number of reasons. But certain steps to make U.S. law allows, "- said Dzh.Mur.Moore noted that "as a first step after the release of 3 political prisoners arrived in Minsk David Merkel. " "Merkel open a discussion in Minsk certain steps by the United States. Despite the fact that I can not open a discussion of their details, some steps are being made, "- said Jonathan Moore.
Piece of carrot

Abolished only the "freshest", the latest sanctions against Lida "Lakokraska" and Polotsk "Fiberglass" introduced in May this year, on the basis of diplomatic war … "- Writes a blog commentator" Freedom "Yuri Drakakhrust.
Lebedko: Now the ball on the half of the Belarusian authorities
Chairman of the Joint civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko said that "at the moment the Belarusian authorities should justify that the change in the situation is completely depending on their behavior. And the first such examination will be September 28 — Elections."

Gaiduchevici: "I always read: need to develop business with the U.S."

Member of the House of Representatives, the last presidential candidate, owed welcomes the decision by the United States to lift the sanctions against certain Belarusian companies.
Klaskouski "West Minsk opens a window of opportunity"
Minsk political scientist Alexander Klaskouski believes after suspension of U.S. sanctions against 2-Belarusian plants chances of the normalization of bilateral relations between Minsk and Washington are increasing.
United States of America introduced monetary sanctions against the "Belneftekhim" November 13, 2007. The U.S. government viewed this decision as an extension of sanctions against Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus, and other controls. U.S. Treasury was instructed to take measures against the "Belneftekhim" also representative offices in Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, China and the United States itself.
March 7 Ministry of money the U.S. explained the sanctions imposed in November 2007 regarding the "Belneftekhim" concern.
Almost sphere acts sanctions vserasprostranena all Belarusian enterprises of petrochemical complex in the country a little bit of more than 50%.
May 15 the U.S. imposed sanctions on 3 Belarusian companies: Lida "Lakokraska" Polotsk "Fiberglass" and "Belarusian Oil Trading House" in Minsk. South American companies and ordinary citizens were forbidden to maintain business with these entities, and the accounts of these companies in the U.S. were frozen.

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