Unknown grave defiled Kuzma Dark

Military Cemetery grave desecrated in Minsk Belarusian writer Kuzma Chorny.
This was said Chairman of the Belarusian Writers Union Ales Pashkevich. He said he called the lady who cleaned the grave nearby, and said that on the grave Dark Kuzma were traces and broken fence.
Lady cleaned the grave of the writer. But fencing remained until broken. Sovereign Pashkevych take care that its days are corrected.
Military Cemetery now been many people, who cleaned the graves of relatives.
Knows one of the visitors:
"His grave was removed. Brought new flowers, old thrown off. All updated and planted flowers alive. Brings a lot of eggs, candy, food does not make sense. These bums are collected here. They’re asleep here. Odezhka lies some, a lot of the clothes covered with graves what it did for odezhka? It bums asleep on these graves. unpleasant to even look. "
At the grave of his brother lady lit a candle:
"This universal prazdnichek for victims. This is for them as Easter — and the need to come to visit them, bring colored eggs, light a candle, go to church and bring flowers."
Military Cemetery people came to the graves Kolas and Yanka Kupala. Then I met Tatiana Ignatovitch:
"I go to my grandmother’s father’s grave. They are right, these recognizable people nearby. Kolas And I bow not only to the cemetery, and at home, when I read" The latest ground. "This is a call to the people of the whole earth, for when Michal died then he uttered — saves the earth. "
Minsk Pedagogical Institute student said:
"Today I came to the military cemetery to pay homage to Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas thing is that they have created Belarus. Came to worship as Vladislav Frantsovna just what she did and was the director of this museum Yanka Kupala. "
"What about these lines for you at the moment — or Kupala Kolasa?"
"My native kut like you dear to me. Forgotten’m not able to" … I pleased that we have in Belarus were such poets. "

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