Upcoming Events: Friday, May 25

Last visit of the IAEA team of professionals. Specialists associated with the arrival of the delegation of professionals Belarusian authorities plans to build a nuclear power station.
"Since we do not have funds, the International Atomic Energy Agency will build a nuclear power plant for its own account, and later will sell electricity — says Academician Ivan Nikitchenko. — It suits them, they live with it. According to our Constitution, such things must pass through a referendum. So authorities violate the Constitution. But they are not new: they break over and over again, and getting away with it. "
Now *** 18 hours in the Minsk Palace of Arts meets with your readers creative team restored the newspaper "New Era".
"On Friday comes the eleventh issue — says editor Alex Lord. — We purposely delayed the meeting, to be sure that we stsverdilisya in its own output. Meeting will be held on the ground of what is already produced. Shalkevich Together with Victor, who will give a concert" .
Now *** 19 hours near St. Joseph’s Church in Minsk will host art open-air under the slogan "Save the Bernardine Monastery art." The organizers invite artists pencil, chalk, charcoal, graffiti.
"I believe that in general it does not matter what the initiative is good when it is reasonable. The more resonance in society, the better. Amuses us also that not only the faithful Catholics engaged in this, and all conscientious people," — said one of the participants in the street worship near St. Joseph’s Church Anna Siuchyk.
*** Now the 90th anniversary of the death of a day or classic Belarusian literature Maxim Bogdanovich. A 18-hours at the monument near the Opera House come friends Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk).
Vice-chairman Party Anatol Sidorevich:
"At today, I know writers come Alliance. Belarusian writers, and not this, chergintsovskogo alliance. Come to the monument, will lay flowers — so here is respect for the memory of Maxim Bogdanovich party members. "

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