Utopia of Belarus

"Utopia is a literary project in which programmed happy future world population or country. This project is implemented or, or not be realized. Belarus as a utopia project has happy to be independent and free Belarus. Implement this project is not perfect because I thought."

Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: "At one point, in the early 20 th century, in the confectionery" Greenish Strahl "gathered edition of" Nasha Niva. "They all showed up — and editor, and" parnasniki. "There were ladies — Buylyanka, Medelka, Stankevichanka. Question was decided awesome: what future be Belarus? Argued before the roosters, drank a bucket Benedictine burned a box of cigarettes. Behind the blue haze appeared the image of Belarus — rich, happy, to be independent, equal between neighbors. Lastouski desired nickname country curve — absmyayali. Drozdovich painted coat of arms "race." Bogdanovich was a hymn. Midsummer fiction form of government — Grand Collection. Ladies defended the rights of women. Municipal announced her tongue, native, and invented its own currency — taler. Newest country borders stretched from sea to sea, as in the times of ON and inhabited her happy hardworking blue-eyed people. But Bogdanovich protested against the boundaries. It also will not listen. Case remained for one: how to build, this country-branachku? Lastouski all reassured. "How to solve, and will — read mad dreamer and creator projects. — Our newspaper — this gene from which the whole future of the country will grow as Drosophila lab Morgan-Mendelya. Irrepressible Vaclav all scientific knowledge announcements. "Let novelists engaged economies — said one of the" parnasnikav. "- Case poets dreams of Belarus."
Thus began the Utopia of Belarus. And what next? Either country has grown out of this gene branachka sown into the soil of history? "

Peter Vasyuchenko: "We know that something has grown, but the whole project was a strain. Not left the country from sea to sea. Instead this was a time when Belarus extended to six counties." Dali 6 counties, and thank you for it, "- wrote sneeringly Yakub Kolas. Instead of the tongue during a chetyrehyazychiya byelorussization established, and after — bilingualism. A huge collection of All-Belarusian Congress as well as defeated. "Your raskidayutstsa congresses" — read hero Kupala Nikita Znosak. Belarus captured wave occupation. Unrealistic national currency. Thaler is said to writer Andrey Fedorenko, was "chipped". Kupala wrote marshovki for nonexistent Belarusian army. They performed only Slutsk rebels. While in Belarus as a whole subject of politics as a public education in one form or another still failed. In the late 1910s — early 1920s were BNR Litbel, BSSR. Belarus was one-eyed, one-sided, but still a child growing up. "
Rakytskyy "With your sight nashanivtsy still imperfect utopia invented? "

His past Belarusians beheld in most cases unclear future — uncertain

Vasyuchenko: "Nashanivtsy invented what they could. But they were romantics, writers. They had hoped that posodeystvuyut realist novelists — those who create real life. And yet some impetus for the birth of Belarus was. Nashanivtsav There would not have been Belarusian and large dreams, there would be Belarus in the form in which it was in the 1920s — as a subject of politics in the 1940s — as a member of the UN. And nowadays it would not be in the form in which it ceases now. role of the matrix gene or as read Vaclav Lastouski, nashanivstva while doing. "
Rakytskyy: "Projects of modern Czech Republic, the newest Norway, for example, also prydumvalisya romantics — historians, writers, in order that they be supported later novelists — politicians, economists, businessmen. Belarusians came out for some reason something is not quite what it is that after all could make romance in those criteria? "
Vasyuchenko"The words also materialize. Writers and their works could support a process that happens to find this very latest Belarus. Where to find? How to find? It would be, in my opinion, make some new software works, which pointed to a prosperous future Belarus, Belarus in what would look like a literary utopia. And that wrote our romance at the time, set up a pessimistic way to their evil ends. Kolos almost close to the biblical promise, sacred "newest land." He never referred to the poem . And how it ended? Misha destruction. Midsummer beheld Belarus in the fog of uncertainty in the poem "Untitled." He left it together with his hero yankoy capable and tragikamedyi "Tuteyshyya." Out there in the trenches, or even that another village. His Belarusians elapsed in most cases beheld unclear future — uncertain. "
Rakytskyy: "At the base of every utopia is the idea of the" golden age. "What Belarus" golden age "could put Belarusian Utopian?"
Vasyuchenko: "And where they could find? Polistayte Belarusian historical dramas. Playwrights wrote What What show on stage now? Fooling us, we were fooled, we shared … Who would want to have the unhappy history, admire it, find it" golden age "? And where science fiction in which would indicate a "golden age" in the future? However, in the literary process and some were prasvetliny. For example, work Karatkevich in which Belarusian history ramantyzavalasya or the product manifest Vladimir Orlov, "Independence — it …"
Rakytskyy: "But literature is able not only to predict, and it can simulate the life of their own country, as, in general, and his own."

So Makarov, that wicked fate, which passed the country’s destiny, and the fate of transferred writers

Vasyuchenko: "This is what we used to in the earliest editions of applets" Belarusian Atlyantyda "voice and led brightest examples of how literature and can predict and simulate history. Reads and we how writers were able to predict and simulate their own destiny. In my opinion, Maxim Bogdanovich predicted and modeled his illness and his death, so much writing about it. Midsummer own thought of flight and falling ("And the sun and the falcon, and I") also seems to be programmed your own destiny ikaryyski — flying and falling between the lumen of the stairs. Lastouski, from my point of view, the idea of creating a maze to get lost in their own and gone and it is not clear where it is unclear how. Maybe at the moment somewhere in their wandering … So Makarov, that evil fate that passed the country’s destiny, and the fate of transferred writers. "

"I still would have added the fate Mryya Andrew, who was killed by his character. But from all this, it seems to me quite normal output. If art is suitable to simulate unlucky fate, happy, sure, even more so. Including and the fate of their own country. "

So makarom real utopia — is the one that is converted into a nature in which there is no negative

Vasyuchenko: "If someone is not completely satisfied, so to say, the status of Belarus, its degree of independence, then why not build your virtual Belarus at least in a literary work? Once Zmitrok Byadulya filed image fist, who lives on his own farm, and for him his farm — his Belarus. worth, for sure, and do in the literature that perfect farm, which could be a sign attached "Belarus", furnish symbols Favourite creator. In other words, re-create the Belarus-utopia. On my deepest conviction Literature 21 — th century — the time of utopias, th
en, as in the last century are accomplished with bad ends dystopia in which we again and again destroyed, prick etc.. At the time, Vaclav Lastouski hiding under a pseudonym Yuri Verashchaka, read : positive face, create a positive image of Belarusian. We’re fine, because we have beautiful, rich nature and a poet starts here: "Dull Page Belarus our people — and Janka Symonka birds — yes thrush goose." So makarom real Utopia — is the one that is converted into a nature in which there is no negativity. "
Rakytskyy: "Let’s draw a parallel with the United States. Creators fascinating utopia invented the" American Dream. "This utopia people believe, and this utopia materialized."

"Utopia" South American Dream "worked not only businessmen, economists and forecasters. Worked on her" dream factory "- Hollywood, which also created a positive image of the American dream. Regarding Belarusian dreams, I see its continuation is not only in the works either on a historical theme in science fiction, and things in popular culture, in which the characters are combined thought of the house — a comfortable home-castle, manor houses, housing, is so adored by Belarusians. And these works are also found mysterious ladies and men knights. Again same , maskultavy positive. "
Rakytskyy: "This positive dreams, this utopia can not believe Belarusian Belarusian people? Lee draws it on some deep mental plane folk life, folk psychology, mentality Nation?"

Thought the house lives in the Belarusian mentality

Vasyuchenko: "Thought the house lives in the Belarusian mentality. Recall main section expression of love for the motherland: birds, animals, fish adore their burrows, and people to places where he was born, where God gave him life, has a majestic grace. Scorina the first time depicted here this primordial zeal Belarusians identify house with its own homeland. "

"Were there samples Belarusian politicians, municipal officials realize this dream Belarus?"

"First, this case writers who have as then, during the nashanivstva, give a boost their works."
Rakytskyy: "And then?"
Vasyuchenko: "And then everything happens according to this same scenario. Next are prose writers. Which consciously or unconsciously begin this dream to produce."

Belarus needs to create the future through a positive, and not through the negative

Rakytskyy: "And now let’s imagine for yourself that this very moment somewhere on Bald Mountain, or just on some attic group of writers whom you consider engine Belarusian Dream, discusses the fate of modern Belarus, Belarus 21st century, as it is their time doing nashanivtsy in confectionery "Greenish Strahl." What utopia they can invent now? "

"So we’re all know that there is no speech in the confectionery" Greenish Strahl "was not. This is — fiction. Though something could be. But the most important thing that any of nashanivtsav doing his job, he knew majestic goal did as he could, although not thought about the fact that Belarus needs to create the future through a positive, rather than through the film. And I think that brand new generation of Belarusian writers consider this error and create the image of Belarus, we are waiting. And that they can do better than left then 100 years ago. "

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