V.Boyka: Lyasnulo my belief in Santa Claus. After came the stork who wears kids


If someone asked me: "Mr. Boyko, what you really believe?" — I would be embarrassed reply. Fact say what I think — it is a sure method to get in the face of enemies as well as from their own adherents. This hell I got from my grandfather, who, by the way, believed in communism., and believed wholeheartedly. For that and had bagels if not at every party meeting. After all, he could not resist (and currently does not tolerate) heresy, flattering and careerism and that was, unfortunately, is the norm for our society.
But he believed not only in communism, the ghost that is becoming more elusive. Despite the reproachful gaze of Lenin with a party card, even my grandfather managed to secretly nickname own children. At that time it was a bold move.
So faith in God was stronger for the faith in a brighter future. Personally, I have business with the heavenly Office has not yet formed. Although I do not deny religion. My classmate if not unanimously shouted that it was a sin. But sin is not greater peel kicked in the chest and screaming about their religiosity, without even knowing the Bible?
Since childhood, I do not believe more educated. Initially slammed my belief in Santa Claus. After came the stork, which is children. I’ve learned not to believe adults first 10 years of your life are taught not to lie, and the subsequent 10 — quite the opposite. Do not believe the newspapers, because the paper suffers every heresy. Do not believe a school that teaches and makes you a raw material for the upcoming Empty-shtampavannya-loyal citizen, whose organ of thought — the stomach.
I learned not to believe in television, because the only window of truth in it — it forecast. Do not believe in advertising, does not believe politicians do not believe the girls, do not believe anyone. "In its own people and the region just believe / And faith in himself" — wrote a memorable Midsummer.
Let me round up fellow revivalists, ready to dance "Levonihu" at the barricades, but in their own people, I do not believe it. If it has to be removed from their own principles and ingratiating pasmihatstsa heresy in the eyes, then stop and believe in yourself.
And believe hunt. If you do not believe one hundred percent, then, As the last, from time to time "pavervats." Believe in the victory of common sense over kolkhoz rudeness. After the farm — is not a method of management. This style of living and thinking. If you do not believe in justice (because everyone is their own), then at least the inevitable laws of history. Evil, obscurantism, fighting ignorance and blind hatred at times prevail. But at some point in the world equilibrium is restored.
Hunting believe that you, a Ukrainian native can read Belarusian language and the world around us will not be glued on you tag fanatic or insane. And your kids and grandkids with small years will specifically trained to believe. Believe in what their ancestors will be able to provide them with not a bad future, but for myself — a measured and rich old age. That will grow bread, pouring gold in the field without the hysteria surrounding the crop. What we got out, in the end, out of the trenches in which we were driven back in ’17, and we’ll see what’s around not only enemies, and friends. Do not go out stars in the sky. Do not you, Ivan pochetaemy Dominikovich? Maybe you currently hear these words.
Cast the word for us before Zvyshnim. Please. Since no desire to believe those who says that he does not think in Belarusian. Neuzh He would not listen to the poet?

Valentin Boyko — Mozyrskogo graduate institute today finalist young writers devoted century "Nasha Niva"Ukrainian of ethnicity and by Belarusian outlook.

Do you believe that? What helps you to live? How and why did you come to your beliefs? Your values and principles may inspire others, now and in the future, in Belarus and abroad. Tell the what you believe you!
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