V.Karatysh: In the army was previously patriotism, and currently grows stronger Mercantilism

"Soc holiday" for the soldier-Democrat
And when Vitali decided to participate in today’s election campaign has already personally, "suddenly" came in handy Belarusian army.
Karatysh: … Critical summoned to the military commissariat, critical wound to the military commissioner, which already was sitting "merchant" of the gang hidden connection. When he opened my business and honored that I am a member of the BPF, have political ambitions, he was horrified: "We will prepyadstviya with counterintelligence."
Then me and promised that the army until the matter is locked — again come to me if I can not stand competition for deputatstvo. But the words did not keep — I am critical of the military unit in handy in Mogilev. By the way, there I am one with all the Brest region.
Correspondent: You let go to elections with which the phrase?
Karatysh: Long could not come up because it does not exist! Well, do not write the same fighter essentially something like: "leave for the purpose of the campaign" … Major eventually hit upon the subsequent: I was eating at a "social holiday."
"We all went on nakatannomu way, still"
This — an unprecedented event in Belarus. But Vitaly Karatysh became the creator of the next sensation — the whole week was a conscript soldier public editor of Radio Liberty, once a day was on the air, and the end of the transfer requested reporters cook on "Military Service: the Belarusian statute or by" tradition "of the Soviet Army ? "
And before Vitaly recommend our correspondent Misha Gardinas Kornevich communicate with those who have served under the Soviets and in the sovereign Belarus in the elite troops. Earlier it was first paratroopers and border guards. Although communicators, for example, boasted that they — the "war of nerves" without which there is no reason to start a fight, and missile troops, apparently boasted its own powerful weapon, but specifically men vests became an emblem elitnastsi. The middle and the rest as soon as they celebrated their days are — Frontier Guard and Marine. At the same time, so that the town, as they say, "getting to the ears." And what now?
Soldiers in supplies reminisce about their own elite military service in parts of the former Russian army and the Belarusian army.
Anatoly, who first 1980 served in Chisinau border detachment, recalls the first military training and discipline in the unit:
"In those days we lived on the status specifically. When an alarm has occurred, then it was a real alarm, when it was necessary to run, we ran and shot. Everything was done on schedule and very seriously."
Anatoly says that the highest consciousness and responsibility fighter every day strengthened by conducting ideological work with the staff:
"Certainly, the treatment of our goals was conducted harsh. Vera, was a particular devotion to the homeland. Remember looking at the Romanian countryside, beheld the people, however, hostility to them was not, but always wondered about, that there was someone on our side . "
Emperor Vladimir had served in the Belarusian border troops and, in his opinion, special configurations, compared with Russian outposts periodically failed.
Sovereign Valery in 1999 while serving in the elite part of the Special Forces. From his experience, he did not even feel that serve in the Belarusian army:
"Even patriotic education, not counting the reddish area with red and green flag, we did not have. And by education officers love to Belarus, that we first have to defend their homeland and also was not."
Lord Vladimir and once a year for a day May 28 border guards strolling to a meeting with his colleagues. Ask what attracts them there.
Sovereign Anatoly: "Now I go there because there was already a tradition, because, in my opinion, no idea about it. It previously was curious when we walked through the town in the ranks, they looked at us all — felt honor."
Views on sovereign Vladimir guys who have served already in Belarusian border troops, support more closely ties, because they live close by and all this is a possibility. But to meet May 28 started differently:
"Not now became curious. Earlier, when I retired, the meeting organized children themselves and it was interesting, we strongly talked a lot, shared their memoirs. Now when the meeting was to organize a border guard orchestra, parade, was not very interesting . "
Do sovereign Valery ask — what is the difference elite military units from everyday?
"With told my friends, friends who served in the mundane parts, I realized that nothing in principle they do not differ. We also walked and cleaned stadiums in Minsk before the matches necessary -" Dinamo "," tractor ".
But most importantly, what draws attention interlocutor — in the Belarusian army, as in Russian, not acceptable face feature. These traits, he said, continue squeezed:
"Many of the officers believed that if a person is put in such difficult conditions and it will not break, you say, will be a real fighter."
Vital Karatysh commented:
— Marines, guards … Now more accurately talk about the rivalry between the latter and the commandos. As to the last in her village noticed that if someone comes from the special forces, the concrete between them began dismantling about "Who is cooler?" And that often resulted in the massacre so good …
Already in the army heard from colleagues about educational liquidation commandos one of our installation. But my friends do not remain in debt: 1st captured one of those "Rambo" in captivity. For that immediately give three days of rest … After all — prestigious!
But other than combat, special forces and put very dirty tasks. The so-called law enforcement, which is often transformed into an aggressive crackdown of peaceful people.
One of my friends was talking about well, just with ecstasy! As opposition chased, caught them … The young man is fully convinced that doing a good thing, for the benefit of the country … Sadly, of course, but I know very well, just as a soldier in the army download ideologically.
It is a pity that such a military power of the country as a special purpose brigade used against their own people.

"Hazing" is a legend: a little achieves it
Just as "peaceful feats" demobilized paratroopers with border guards, the people who had heard about the army and "hazing". It has practically become a harsh "legend", which previously feared and recruits, and their ancestors. With regard to current realities, the Defense Ministry of Belarus state: such phenomena as "bullying" in the Belarusian army is not, and in general the number of crimes in the armed forces has decreased in comparison with 1994, three times, although cases of hazing between servicemen not eradicated . Ordinary with that assessment tasks do not agree.
One of the explanations "hazing" is: "Violation of the relationship between the military, which are expressed in the middle of the hierarchy vybudavanni fighter and sergeants. Relevant feature of "hazing" is a humiliation and pluses, the introduction or implementation of the threat of violence. "
The press service of the Ministry of Defence said that the eradication of this disease was declared in 2002:
"We have such a phenomenon is absent, and hazing are naturally, as though what men conflict with the guy in the team closed type", — said the spokesman Vyacheslav Ramenchyk
With disagrees last soldier conscript engineering troops Peter. He notes: "hazing" manifest immediately after taking the oath young completion.
"There were quite a severe psychological breakdown, and was such that people cut themselves for a vein. Young fighters
who only came to serve — free time they do not. They occupy all that hunt" grandfathers ". Hemming them clean Shoes. "
Emperor Peter the blame of aiding "hazing" officers:
"This creates a" hazing. "They give the situation at the mercy of" grandfathers. "From this and appears:" Two calls older than you — they are against you. "So you’re in any case will do everything, and if not, then you will constantly to be in any "bad" areas. Our conditions were even a little softer than in the border troops. There is still more aggressive "
So is there today Belarusian army "bullying" and how it manifests itself there? Here are some representations of Mogilev:
Man: "If there is, a little — do not compare with Russia. How it seriously as it vserasprostraneno heavily read. Seen as everywhere: older foster youth."
Man: "I believe that there are some mother’s son, who did not do in his childhood to the teenage years. Army went in, and all of them seem weary, so they all spihvayuts to" hazing ".
Lady: "I admit that it is. I think it’s not very much fine. Why do we it? "
Guy: "Of course there is, this is the best choice for the status. According to the regulations serve harder than" hazing. "
A fascinating feature: none of the respondents failed to construct their vision of what is happening at the moment in the modern Belarusian army.
Commenting on this situation, major armored forces retired Gennady Sudnik notes Belarusian army actually own — closed to the public sphere.
"That it happened (obviously, it is the power and did) that we do not curious. And only when from time to time in some places you hear: there is something wrong, obviously indicates that the structure is not the healthiest — Army . Well then, and it touches only those who are near. Know how to live the army, what lives, breathes than what is happening there, society must of course. "
Vital Karatysh commented:

— "Hazing" — a first humiliation pluses. But now it is a completely different than it was before. Now more correctly read about the traditions of service with a certain "old man’s" color.
That is, for example, that men older period of service may walk with a button rasspahnutoy wearing a hat cocked to one side, not because the men of the first period … Another tradition is safe, "grandfather" must give up their oil "spirit" or "lashes", and previously it was collected from young.
In the Russian army just such sections were more "green stuff," perfume "," skull "," elephant "," grandfathers "… Now gradation decreased. General" bullying "uniformly disappears. Subtotal that took for her — it Higher management has tried army. Finally manifestations ruthlessness becoming less and less.

"For tips feel Belarusians was hard, but at the moment everything changes"
What changes have occurred in recent years in relations between compatriot colleagues? Once it was a powerful factor that influences a lot on the relationship in military units, their moral atmosphere. After the barracks, ranges, shooting shared not only on the "grandfathers" and "young" — the soldiers also grouped by nationality, and often defended their own, helped them. Are there any in the Belarusian army dislike varagavanne motivated by territorial belonging fighter, if not adore Vitebsk Grodno, Lida — Shushinsk, Mogilev — Bobruisk and opposite?
Journalist Ivan Roman served two years in the Russian army in Ukraine, was discharged in 1989. At first he was in a large training center "Desna" near Kiev, and later served in the Battalion from Cherkassy
"It was hard to feel the Belarusians for various reasons. Fact that, for example, has joined voedinyzhdy those Lithuanians or Estonians who served? Either Azerbaijanis, Turkmens? They joined voedinyzhdy language they spoke among themselves in their own language. Unlike Belarusians have any language was Russian. This, in my opinion, a significant loss, there was not a unifying factor. Well, Belarusians each for himself and lived. For example, when beating Belarusian Turkmenistan whether Kazakhs, all the others looking at it. And if the contrary then resorted fighters from other departments if someone broke their countryman. When I stood up for the guy that is very compressed, well that later gave me. Others watched because Russian is not curious Ukrainians too. Ukrainians also its community was, as again the same language factor. On bolshennom and mighty said except the Russians, Belarusians also. But they do not support each other, as was the attitude of Russians to the Belarusians as a "farm" as second-class citizens in a certain sense ".
Ivan Roman says, his brother was already in the Belarusian army in Minsk and no nepryhilnastsi by others negaradentsav not felt. Moreover, it is often to go home for the weekend. A holiday in the Russian army, once in service, gave far not for everyone.
Teacher of legal disciplines in Grodno Institute Igor Kuzminich served only one year — in Grodno, Belarus in the army, in the late 1990s. In the army he was in graduate school after 26 years. It is clear that all the men had their own, from Belarus, while partially even countrymen:
"I served in the artillery, self-propelled howitzer in the division. As I recall, in our battery most of the soldier was from Hrodna or Grodno region. Speak so that there were some cases hostile to compatriot featured, no. But as in every army, all are still turning their attention to a fighter who came from other areas. We for some reason is not very fond of those of Voronovskiy district. do not know why, but they were considered the most unfit for service. always laughed when you need someone either, since it Voronovskii. We had one young man from Raven, it is constantly sent to clear snow. states that several Voronovskii went home on leave and not come back fit. Perhaps through this come to believe that these come from Voronovskiy fighters who do not understand what the service. But it was not significantly affected the relationship between the soldiers themselves. "
Vital Karatysh commented:

— Friends from the same village, of course, and the army should stay together. So it is. Especially if they are from the 1st call. Here are divided among themselves, it is always easier to find a common language.
But often just make friends and fighters from different parts of Belarus or area. My position — one of Luninets — has even more advantages: the guys are interested in Polessie life, our identity, listen to the speech … Maybe someone did not believe it, but I feel even the delicacy of a colleague in the selection of words — they are afraid that the ordinary for them, Mogilev, may offend or hurt me.
In short, the time for Czechs traditions of the Russian Army in the current Belarusian army disappeared. At least as a matter of fact we are at the moment all the barracks were countrymen.

"There will always be a layer of society, whom the army — spelled"
Cognitive situation, Cinematograph and replicated Russian literature: serious father-son brings reveler and the last argument is: "Will you go to the army, but there will of man you!" Can the modern barracks on education and re-education of the person? What was the special service in the Russian times and what is at the moment? What was the motivation to go into the army or "mow" from her before, and at the moment?
Philosopher Vladimir Mackiewicz serving in 1973-74. At that time, many took service in the army as a kind of initiation for the young guy. And in some degree this stereotype had a rational ground, says Vladimir Mackiewicz:
"It kind of was created naturally and artificially. And supports disk imaging media, all ideological machine, etc.. Bu
t many on whom this act. And personally I do sometimes come to the conclusion that although it bluntly, although there meaninglessness, and ruthlessness, and a certain lack of sin, but it is the right thing, civilian duty … And throw it is unrealistic and it is not necessary — it was "…
Designer Sergei Skripnichenko served in the armed forces who served of cosmic branch in 1989-1991. No desire to serve the country for military service had not, but for sure his experience: it is a unique experience to-date. A hard to overestimate its usefulness:
"In the army, I got the case. Practically the draft board there was invited to sign some papers, and I came back home after two years. And at a certain point I realized that the situation where you get into some relationship, I am surrounded by people I do not chose for himself in business, and to change these things, you can not — it can be seen as a unique opportunity to school life. If you learn to control the situation. This is no way to call for years, thrown out of life lost. On the "citizen" I would never such experience did not survive "
But my other companion, who is currently 29 years old, 14 dreamed to go to Suvorov Military School and continue the family dynasty military. But his father talked, — they say, nothing to do there. And now, looking at the situation in the modern Belarusian army, he is aware of the rationality of paternal advice:
"I’d go into the army, if there was a real military training, not whether there is hazing, that is less than was necessary broom sweeping roof roofing material to teach, carry bricks — in short, to do what the military service does not apply — I to serve in the army went "…
While in the army did not really begin to learn to defend the country in case of need, it will be some abstract fear to intimidate infantile young people. Yes, and this function has a certain advantage, says Vladimir Mackiewicz:
"A lot of people for what discipline OUTDOOR orderliness of his life — is useful. Many even like, characterized by their temper … And I think there will always be a layer of society, whom the army — spelled out. Which have every reason to serve in the army, it is — for them. "
Vital Karatysh commented:
— Remembering Russian times, our commander says, even if the girls refuses to dance with those who did not serve! And now, they say, absolutely not. It’s true — then indeed for the masses was an honor to serve, now another.
Motivation is, for example, those who want to get a ticket for the upcoming military employment in the police, the KGB, the Department of Investigation of money, at the firehouse and other "warm", in their eyes, where tradition requires you to have an army experience. And some — especially among the villagers are interested to stay even on the contract in the army. I understand them: hard in the outback with employment, salaries, self-realization.
On my watch, the army becomes less urban residents — they try to evade service. Thus, under a variety of sauces, as they say.
Here’s a terrible case. The young man did not want to join the army that followed the advice: sprinkled lime in bread crumb and swallowed, to show that he had overestimated kislotnasts. But with a dose of exaggerated and eventually lost two-thirds of the stomach, to the end of life to be fed through a tube.
Where does this desire to miss with the army? Someone thinks that lose money, which could make for a while, someone afraid of losing health, some prefer not to waste time "on dope" …
And when the Soviet Union believed in the "sacred duty" — hence, we say, "holy" motives. Now, the main motivation is pragmatic. This and many of those who seek to "hang" from the service. The main is to assess your own good: that the boy will have with this service? Before gaining force patriotism Mercantilism.

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