V.Romanovsky CEC is not always adhered to the law

Vladimir Romanovsky — Member of the Central Election Commission in an advisory capacity. He is then combined plainclothes party. A day or two of work, says the Sovereign Romanovsky, give reason to state that even the CEC, not to mention the county commission, avoid waste of law. As an example, Vladimir Romanovsky behalf of the current refusal of registration Alexander Lahviniec:

CEC secretary Nikolai Lozovik said bluntly: if you behaved on another, it can, and here we decided to be different

"Very bright Commission showed their penchant for ematsyynastsi. CEC secretary Nikolai Lozovik said bluntly: if you behave differently, maybe, and we decided there would be different."
Ales Lahvinets, Advisor Milinkevich, rightly pointed out the total amount of personal income for the year. But in deciphering this document, for technical reasons, fell one payment of 251 euros. These funds are included in the total amount of taxes paid by them. And because initially proposed expert CEC register sovereign Lahviniec.
But in his speech Lahvinets pieces criticized the election rules in Belarus:

"Even at the level of the CEC violated the rights of Belarusians. Back in 2004 I wrote a letter to the chairman of the CEC citizen Yarmoshina, that gave me the results of voting at each site was then selectively my neighborhood. Same I asked in 2007. Is Article 34 of the Constitution, which states the right of individuals to have full information. Are Articles 13 and 74 of the Electoral Code, which guarantee a candidate the right to receive accurate information.
If CEC refuses to give information about the election results at each site, it means, that we have transparency. "
As a result, a majority vote of the CEC refused to register Ales Lahviniec. A Lidia Yermoshina commented on this situation:

"This is Alexander, the value of your martial ardor. Impossible to ever raise the Central Election Commission. This considerable cost by the applicant."
Now CEC also refused to register Alexander Makaeu, Nikolai Statkevich, Kiyko Nicholas, Nicholas Ulasevich, Ira Veshtort Vintsuk Vyachorka, Yuri Karetnikau and other Democratic candidates.
Anyone who CEC refused to register, has the right to appeal to the Supreme Tribunal of Belarus.

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