V.Siliverst: Organization liquidators in Belarus is one of the great

Karatkevich: "How do I know you are currently in the clinic in Kalinkavichy …"
Siliverstov: "Yes, now I am in the third week of the cardiology department Kalinkovichy infirmary. Do not feel very bad. Doctors say I languid form of heart disease."
Karatkevich "How doctoring — at an appropriate level?"
Siliverstov: "To cure one or another disease, you must know its cause. In my case, I believe the root cause of my work there and the service for a long time in a very dirty zone in Chernobyl. This irradiation, and the incorporation of low-dose radiation to the body. And order to cure the radiation, it is necessary to know whether there is blood in the heavy metals, lead, radyyatsezy. Hitherto none of the doctors in Belarus isth and did not find. Because I do not know from what my cure, in Kalinkavichy. My health is better, and for that I thank my doctor. "
Karatkevich: "And in the other offices in the clinic have the liquidators?"
Siliverstov: "They come here all year round, in different departments, but most of all we have treated the liquidators in the center of radiation medicine in Gomel."
Karatkevich: "What are the most common disease of the liquidators?"
Siliverstov: "The main thing — it’s heart disease first. Next — this eye disease, cataracts, thyroid and several others that are related only to Chernobyl."
"The deterioration of health, we immediately felt like we were brought into the zone"
Karatkevich: "Tell the details about a time when you served in the Chernobyl zone."
Siliverstov: "It no desire to think about that time, but still … We are in Kalinkavichy officers supplies — more pavstotni. Chernobyl happened and when it fails, on the basis of our military unit formed part of the Kiev military environment. Often finds in the forest, and Chernobyl station was visible eye — it was from 14-15 km, not more. This part served in the main Belarusians, most of them were from the Gomel region, but all the officers were from Kalinkovichi.
In the first time, in 1986, served for two months, and then — three or four. I served in the 1986 six months. Our unit engaged in decontamination very dirty linen and some clothes that were brought from the station, and on the day we left the part about 20-25 tons of pure linen — about 400 disintegrations per second we there were untainted.
In addition, we have done other work related to the activities of» objects station. This decontamination machinery, transportation and storage technology in so called cemeteries and several other works, which were committed Task Force civilians USSR Defense Headquarters which was in the building of Chernobyl executive committee. "
Karatkevich: "Tell me, when you feel the deterioration of health?"
Siliverstov: "Immediately, as we were brought there in the area. During 1-x, we are not doctors warned that the necessary personal protective equipment of the skin, respiratory and eye. Because in the first days of the pain we felt in the eyes, because the vision was no protection. Next we felt that a very large lethargy in this area, very large patlivasts — it began to falter, as we later pronounced doctors, thyroid gland. After serving two months in the area, I felt very huge pain in the heart. And already there have been medsanbat, I was given first aid, and two months later I started to cure heart. "
Karatkevich: "And there were cases when people are just running away from the military unit, or some methods tried not to get there?"
Siliverstov: "In the part where I served, did not do so, but people behaved differently, since the environment itself, tension, depression knocked people out of the ordinary rhythm of life. Were people who admired the alcohol, but we stopped and want to come back home alive. "
Karatkevich: "It seems that you answer the question — what a disaster you would go voluntarily to eliminate?"
Siliverstov: "I would have said, God forbid. If such manmade tragedy happen in Belarus, the liquidators who now spoke to me, uttered that we are on this catastrophe no longer go. Suppose move those bureaucrats who have become" disabled Chernobyl "appropriated for himself the noble title of" disabled Chernobyl "- from their experience there. Either let the liquidators brought from Africa or from Venezuela …"
"No people will not have to ask to build or not to build a nuclear power plant"
Karatkevich: "How do you feel about the construction of a nuclear power plant in Belarus?"
Siliverstov: "I would say in-1’s that nobody people will not have to ask to build or not to build. Will make this decision bureaucrats. Let them build as — time will tell … It’s not so much the problem of the construction of nuclear power plants, and it is simply more politicking in topic . "
Karatkevich: "Do you think Chernobyl — a political issue?"
Siliverstov: "Chernobyl itself for itself has already become a political issue, as whole world asks: what next? Chernobyl "covered" Belarus and the population at this country dies — this is politics. This policy leads to what will znishchatstsa civilization if we do not take any meaningful action to Chernobyl. I do believe that at this point in Belarus have three questions in this direction. First: that Chernobyl difficulties in Belarus harbors and do not notice that this is a big setback. 2nd: Belarusian parliament is going at the moment repeal benefits, and it is — a disaster for those people, who have difficulty with health. And third, that the supply of goods zabruzhanasts in Belarus, namely, in the Gomel region, which applies the population, especially children, do not meet sanitary standards in Russia and Ukraine. There, these rules are more stringent. This means that we are not counting the radiation exposure of the radiation particles will accumulate in the body even many heavy metals. Namely, radyyatsezy-137, which have a negative impact on health, and the first — on the blood supply. "
Karatkevich: "You have been dismissed as chairman of the Committee of Physical Education Kalinkovichy executive committee after starring in a rally against the referendum in 1996. I know that you are suing for recovery, but in vain. And you associate it with your political stance?"
Siliverstov: "I think this is directly related to the fact that the person is doing and what the position is. Then I was at the municipal office, and this was unacceptable to the authorities in 1996, the opposition and the government — are two different things: either there or here. "
"Many of our military dead, many disabled people, all was ill …"
Karatkevich: "Now you — UCP member and trying to make the company" liquidator. "What it did for the initiative?"
Siliverstov: "This organization has long been a need in Belarus. Thanks to my co-worker of Dr. Alexander Vasilyevich Zhodino Volchanin, he initsyyantyve we decided to make public company liquidators of the Chernobyl disaster, which will protect their social rights. And we are already in the Gomel region 500, who are members of this organization. Plans are that our organization will be in Belarus, one of the largest, since we were the liquidators in Belarus for more than 300 thousand people. If we all come together on», then we decide prepyadstviya marginally better. "
Karatkevich: "And somehow Kalinkavichy tomorrow marks the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster?"
Siliverstov: "I’ll tell you one thing: 21 years in Kalinkavichy no meeting-requiem was not, and I do not think so. The other day I wrote an appeal to the chairman of the district council and to the first deputy chairman of the executive committee Kalinkovichy Kakora, and asked to be invited to the anniversary of mil
itary liquidators because their population Kalinkovichy district does not know. Much of our military dead, many disabled people, all was ill, and because I wanted to direct attention to this category of liquidators. Until now a day or I received no response. They they say — expect. course, can , May 9 and get it.
Mozyr, adjacent to our town, these meetings are held there once a year, but the curious thing: in Mozyr bureaucrats such activities carried out, but further military liquidators riot police do not allow the intended distance. Why military liquidators have become unsafe to such power? I unclear. All participants of liquidation 500 people, about fifty officers … "
Karatkevich: "And all ready to enter in your company?"
Siliverstov: "Yes, because they set for themselves can not assist. Necessary to apply to the courts, to know all the medical problems — it’s hard to deal, we will each other help, and we have someone to help — both here and in Gomel and Minsk. This Nikitchenko, and a number of medical doctors of sciences. By the way, I have a very good relationship with Bandazhevsky, which also helps to find the truth that Chernobyl povinet more in our diseases. "
Karatkevich: "What do you believe?"
Siliverstov: "I believe in that stately believed Belarusian writer, Man with big bukovkoy Vasil Bykov."

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