Van der Linden, defended the Young

Recall that at the 5 youth activists — Boris Goretskogo, Dmitriy Fedoruk, Aleh Korban, Anastasia and Alexei Palazhanka Yanushevski — opened criminal case. They are accused of activity on behalf of unregistered organization (Article 193-1 of the Criminal Code). Young people subject to a penalty imprisonment up to 2 years.
"I sincerely hope that the Belarusian Government to send to jail to finish those who freely expresses only just their worldview and participating in demonstrations. This would be a good signal of willingness to cooperate, "- said the head of the PACE.
Another sign of eagerness "to get closer to European structures and become a member Council of Europe"Said Rene van der Linden, could become official Minsk consent attract international professionals to the issue of political prisoners in Belarus. PACE President allocated if Belarusian authorities demonstrate their readiness for cooperation and dialogue, it does not preclude the ability of private meetings with senior management of the country.

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