Vasil Bykov. Last days

Starting from 1998, Vasil Bykov was obliged to live in exile — first in Sweden and Finland, and later in Germany. Past six months, he together with his wife Ira Mihajlovnoj held in Prague, where his health rapidly worsened had to do a complicated operation. But the return to Minsk was even more dramatic …
In the movie "Vasil Bykov. Last Days" (director — Galina Navumchyk, script writer Sergei Navumchyk) divided his memoirs policy Ivonka Survila, Vaclav Havel, Zenon Pozniak, poet Gennady Buraukin, employees of Radio Liberty Sergei Ablameyko Alexander Lukashuk, Sergei Navumchyk. Bykov also say about the staff of the Czech Fund "Man in failure" that helped Vasily Vladimirovich and Ira Mihajlovne settle in Prague, also a doctor clinic "Motol", which was made Bykov operation.

SousI wanted to ask the emperor Yandyuka share impressions of view.
Yandyuk: Memories I have a very great movie came out nice, measured, adekvatnomyslyaschy. Those subjects that had to disclose in order to first Belarusian society realized that in fact happened — in fact around catastrophic sudden death of Vasil Bykov was told many untruths, inaccuracies and a lot of gossip — very well that this movie puts the record straight "and "and documented indicates reasonably know — that did in fact happen and why so suddenly and at one point Vasil Bykov died.

Sous: I’ll add to our listeners that Vladislav Yandyuk in 2002 was related to the travel to and device Bykov in Prague. And in the movie used photo Vasily Bykov made sovereign Yandyukom. Please tell me, was it difficult to achieve, that the Czech authorities took Vasil Bykov and issued him a fixed residence in the Czech Republic, which did not, for example, the government of Finland and Germany?
YandyukI, frankly, do not know the law in Finland and Germany on immigration, but I think that just in those countries while we, unfortunately, had no contacts such level, which, fortunately, we have here, in the Czech republic. After all, this whole procedure consisted of 2-parts. One — formal, because in any case it was necessary to fulfill the requirements of the law, to provide all documents, pass all levels of this decision, so it was all made legal. On the other hand, that all happened in the short term — that was very fundamentally, because if you are a look in this movie, there is clearly stated that already ended residence permit sovereign Bykov in Germany and had to quickly resolve this issue. And we enjoyed a very peaceful attitude towards us our Czech friends to all these formal procedures were performed rapidly and without bureaucracy.
Sous: A few hours before the broadcast, I got in touch with the film director Galina Navumchyk and asked to tell her about how to remove the film had an idea about the last days of Vasil Bykov.

Navumchyk: Thought to remove this movie appeared as the possibility to show or portray sensually given makarom so that people can look, hear, create, and in the movie we say witnesses, people who have been around here Vasily Vladimirovich in Prague. Including our Czech friends who helped Bykov get here, and the staff of Radio Liberty. Also had the opportunity to record and Ivonka Survila, Vaclav Havel, as the people who cured Bykov here. So Makar, an emotion that our viewers can get through the movie — this is important, why we decided all the same movie about Bykov do.
For us it was really very much, so it remained in the eyewitnesses, people who have been here in Prague with Vasily Vladimirovich Bykov near, the people who were with him in the last days there in Minsk, Belarus …
Sous: Now the movie premiere on Belsatse, and whether the presentation is planned in Belarus?
Navumchyk: While such plans I can not say anything because I did not plan. It looked quite spontaneous — this movie itself, as it does, the idea — all managed to perform quite rapidly as well just had a group of active people who come from and it’s all done quickly. So I think that probably will be planning any presentation wheels — coupled with BelSat.
Sous: Sovereign Vladislav wrong from the movie, in the Czech Republic Vasil Bykov were made suitable conditions for life, creativity, and in particular with regard to medical care. It cured in a modern clinic »Motol". I know that you are arranging an interview clinic employees filmmaker. Tell me please, is the level of medical care are able to get all of the patients, or it was such a personal attention to Vasil Bykov, who perfectly knew and respected in the Czech Republic?

Doctoring that the Bulls got was very valuable and specific. But this whole situation was pretty standard, every patient — Czech or whatever — that would hit in this hospital with this diagnosis would have received similar healing

Yandyuk: I have to see that that honey help that received sovereign Vasil Bykov, was the standard for the hospital. He was very uneasy with honey standpoint diagnosis. Because — and in this movie they say — there were some difficulties with the organization paslyaaperatsyynaga healing, due to its other diseases. It so happened that what healing he received was very valuable and specific. But this whole situation was pretty standard, every patient — Czech or whatever — that would hit in this hospital with this diagnosis would have received similar healing.
Sous: In the movie "Vasil Bykov. Last Days" voices of employees of Radio Liberty, which were coupled with Vasil Bykov in his last year in Prague. Vasil Bykov voice sounded very often free, and the writer himself was coveted guest on Radio Liberty. That does not get into the movie — the director of the Belarusian Freedom Alexander Lukashuk.

LukashukI think you can remove even a single movie on "Bulls and Freedom" or "Bulls to Freedom." We were given two books totaling more than a thousand pages of participation Bykov air "Freedom" in the program not only Belarusian service, but also Russian, Ukrainian services. Vasily Vladimirovich studios "Liberty" recites "a longish way home" — is hours and hours of reading the text. How did this happen? Sounds like this voice? We have an archive audio material. Maybe it really would require a whole movie. But we must recognize that if the Bulls were on the radio here, we did not remove it at the camera. We have photos and video — the cinema lives — we, unfortunately, no. But one episode, maybe since the last days Bykov in Prague, which could be in the movie — it is partly in another presentation — I remember the last time I beheld him. I was sitting here on the radio and called Bykov — just wanted to take him which recent announcements, print — and on the road braked at an Italian restaurant and ordered take-out pizza. I knew that the Bulls loved the pizza, I ordered a pizza "peperoni", after 15 minutes, she was ready, I sat in the car, came to their house — a house there on the set of the movie. I go to them with this pizza, Ira M. opened, the Bulls saw that it was "peperoni" and was very happy. And knows me the following story: when they lived in Frankfurt, they came to interview correspondent of the newspaper "Bild" and the rest after the middle of discussions about literature, about the war, realism about existentialism — started asking how Bykov basically live here, they like Germany. Bykov says: Well, that still like it. Beloved food, he asks. Beloved food — buy pizza, warm up in mikrahvalevtsy. A reporter asks, and what pizza? He says: peperoni. And what brand? And such brand. And says so
long he asked me, after a newspaper — and a colorful newspapers — and I’m standing there in the photo, great interview in my hand and pizza — not a word about existentialism, nationalism, but only about how we preparing pizza … We laughed, the Bulls got to delight in pizza, we drank a glass, Ira M., I remember then refused. And later already, much later, I found that newspaper, "Bild", found that article. There stands the Bulls and in hands holds NOT pizza, and two of his book, published in German, and in the text, of course, talking about existentialism, nationalism, literature …
Sous: Sovereign Vladislav, and you remember the last conversation with your own Vasil? Whether another meeting, which remained in the memory ….
Yandyuk: The last time I beheld Tsar Vasily Bykov at the celebration of days Will here in Prague on March 25, this event has taken in the movie — Vasil Bykov was already after surgery — he came there with a very spicy and harsh speech, read about where Spark of Independence, which was lit parents Belorussian Countries in 1918. But I remember another moment longer. When I participated in a meeting with President Vasil Bykov sovereign Havel of the Czech Republic — it was almost in these days of 12 September 2001 on the second day after the New York City was a terrorist act against the Global Trade Center. But on this day already in advance, a few months was scheduled to meet with Havel Bykov and nobody will do anything not been able to do.

Especially since the sovereign Havel — not the man who refuses to meet when it is already prepared. Despite the fact that the world is a tragic event happened and the whole world was shocked, all thoughts, all comments, all the attention focused on this event. I went to the meeting as a photographer — one of those pictures you can create the movie first. It is curious that while the conversation was not only about the situation in Belarus, but faster on the current state of the world in connection with the events that occurred then, the changes that the world suddenly learned about the issues and challenges that brings a brand new situation for the entire population of the earth . After this meeting, there was a small press conference, sire Havel spoke a few words, the emperor presented Bykov told why there was a meeting, what was discussed, few commented that’s it. But the whole world was so shocked journalists were silent, no one put any 1st issue. Regarding sovereign Bykov, it was evident that he takes these actions relaxed — his actual experiences, apparently read him that despite such tragic action, the world was, is and will be, life goes on.
Sous: Guest Night freedom Vladislav Yandyuk born in Vitebsk. In the early 90-ies published first Belarusian-spec magazine "Computer prahtyka" In 1997, he received political asylum in the Czech Republic. Was one of the organizers at the center of the Belarusian Czech charity fund "Man in failure." Member of the BNR. Have a spouse and daughter. Special in computer engineering. One of the activists of Belarusian community in the Czech Republic "Scorina." And at the moment I invite him and listen to our listeners poll on the streets of Grodno. Grodno answered the question, "What is you Vasil Bykov."

Sous: The same question I address the guest of "Radio Liberty" Vladislav Yandyuku. What is your Bulls?
Yandyuk: Well to me it is difficult to add something severe. This is a man with whom I znaemasts gave very great strength.
Sous: Sovereign Vladislav when you walked in the Prague office of "Freedom", it probably passed through the area near the State Museum, where now stands the tank, such as who came to Czechoslovakia 40 years. Think Vasil Bykov would be curious to monitor this action on the anniversary of Russian tank invasion of Czechoslovakia. Sovereign Yandyuk you for many years living in the Czech Republic, feel the mood in Czech society, as in your opinion, they currently perceive those actions?
Yandyuk: Actions are perceived more acutely. Much of the public back in 1968 still felt that the Russian system is no way for them to gain freedom. It was the transformation of socialism Stalin-Brezhnev, Khrushchev type in "socialism with a human face." It was a utopian idea, it could not develop into reality, and completely understandable that most close to reality minded people then believed that there would be some action on the part of Moscow. But most of society was amazed surprise — incomprehensible military attack on a totally peaceful action, no real danger to the Russian camp had not.

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