Verb magazine introduces readers to the Swedish Belarusian literature

20 Seventh "verb" opens Belarusian reader unknown Swedish modern drama. It plays excerpts from outstanding creators from Scandinavia Katarina Frostansan, Stsiga Larson and Astrid Trontsyg. They moved our countryman Dmitry Plax, which is currently lives in Stockholm. His play "Baruch Emmanuel" also does not intrigue the reader’s own classic for Belarusian theater aesthetics.
Chief Editor of "Dzeyaslova" Boris says that these publications — is only the beginning of the project as an acquaintance Belarusians modern Swedish literature:
"We also plan to publication can be a separate room dedicated to modern Swedish literature, including and poetry and prose. "
Continued familiarity with order or other creator, style, theme — is a tradition of the magazine. Fourth year from room to room "verb" prints creative legacy Bykov. 20 In the seventh issue of the publication ends the lengthy correspondence with national writer famous Russian literary Lazar Lazarev. As with unpublished legacy Bykov expects the reader in subsequent issues, says chief editor Boris:
"As for epistolary heritage, we will continue print it and we have something to print. In addition to her work remained unpublished unfinished Bykov and in upcoming issues we assume print story Vasily Vladimirovich, which gave us Ira M. Bykov. "
Read all of this, says the Sovereign Petrovich, you can issue through "Belpochta" subscribe to "verb", as he and others are independent publications, as before is not spread through kiosks "Belsayuzdruk" and only a few Minsk bookshops take it on sale.

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