Victor Kazko: day book is, and no books Belarusian

Novelist Victor Kazko states afterdnie 12 years do not have the ability to be published: intrigued municipal structures simply do not allow progress manuscript who fainted in the boxes of many reviewers and censors. Because of days to record, in which almost no space left actually Belarusian book, sire Kazko posed as follows:
"The Belarusian reality he had not perceived. Denecke book is, and there is no Belarusian books. Here what you want here, then do it. We generally fallen out of this civilized reality, completely This process not involved. And this is essentially what what’s happening, that is. Started with the whiteRussian language, and concludes with the genocide of the Belarusian literature. "
Reporter: "And what more, what are the prospects?".
"In its current form, I do not see any prospects. Belarusian book Belarusian shelf in bookstores transformed into some small mass grave in what is not already late for today. All occupy, sorry, naked chest. Everything takes Russian pop. And most writers now huge — this policy. I do not know what they are fascinating, exciting whom? Well, this situation, what can you do? ".
Modern Belarusian reality marked division of writers regardless of their civilian positions. As an example — the intention to minimize the presidential ideologues in schoolbooks presence creators, who are seen in nelyayalnastsi to the authorities. Middle of candidates for "cleansing" — Yanka Bryl, Neil Gilevich Ryhor Borodulin, Gennady Buraukin even Vasil Bykov. Proposes to exclude from applets pazaklyasnaga reading works by Sergei Zakonnikova, Vladimir Orlov, Olga Ipatovoj, Misha Scoble Svetlana Aleksievich.
To develop a common literary other bands based Union of Belarusian Writers organization headed by Senator Nicholas Cherginets — Alliance of Writers of Belarus. However, one of the managers of the organization Anatoly Avrutin does not see anything unusual here:
"There is no contradiction here. I, for one, am deeply convinced that if there is one book, and then maybe the second too. When one goes newspaper, then the other, too, can come out. So here, there is one alliance of writers (the alliance has in mind a unity of views, and if gathered in our union, we have other things on sight), we made another alliance. And people with those beliefs let them stay where they were. We do not want them disgusting. "
Opponents of such logic must contend with the fact that in the foreseeable future is unlikely to wait for the queue in municipal printing houses, and their work does not appear in the state-run magazines literary and artistic holding. Meanwhile, poet Nina Matyas says that feeds on the energy of like-minded people who, like her, do not change their principles of loyalty:
"Always hunt to have more likely. But around me are people specifically. Are thinking in the same direction, directing their thoughts, that I did. Who was ill with the same sores which I am a fan and — national character, Belarusian theme. Which hurts that we have language decline (not discouraged, and decline), culture declined. That statehood is not. Around me a lot such people. I wish that more naturally … "

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