Vika Moroz adoptive ancestors — my aunt and uncle

If members of the family of Cogoleto in its own lawsuit guided New York and Strasbourg Conventions rights kid, the representatives of the Belarusian State adoption center referred to the respective lines of the Hague Convention.
During the press conference, Managing the State Center adoption Natalia Paspelava Hague voiced subsequent lines of the document: "The child, the family built on the ground of its own country of origin and citizenship, can not be sent for international adoption."
In family zhodintsev Lena and Sergei Vassilievo Belarusian orphan Vika Moroz was arranged last year on October 30. It came out about a month after, as a family-Giusto Bornachin girlfriend tried to quit at in Italy and such makarom Orphan passed away with Vicki.
As indicated bureaucrats device Vicky family Vassilievo not exclude that after some time girlfriend fails udachchyts some foreign couple in including, Giusto-Bornachin. In a conversation with the Freedom responsible employee of the Minsk regional council education Alla Palyavchuk clarified: "This is not adoption if the child loses its own orphan status. This foster family, a temporary form of device kid."
Now Office of the State adoption center also emphasizes verbally "foster family": "The child is currently located in a foster home where her brother. Child settle in this foster home."
But, in accordance with the new rules, it is then that give girlfriend on udachchenne foreigners can not … Is that with one exception: if you suddenly fall apart Vassilievo family. Natalia Paspelava believes that this will not happen.
Responsible for Belarusian officials Vick Claus lucky — she got a very good and intelligent people, besides, was reunited with his brother Sasha. Incidentally, two years reverse kids hardly remembered each other. Meeting siblings accomplished in Italy at the initiative of family-Bornachin Giusto. Specifically these people the girl calls the "father" and "mother", and refers to Vassilievo with the words "uncle" and "aunt."
Soc teacher from Rome Anna Gavazini dogs from the beginning the story and says that very condolences to the children, who are in a similar situation.
"At times it reminds me a catastrophic theater. Instead love child learned from the first days of hatred and anger. Learned to read only" mother "and" Dad "- was the victim of any adult games. Her three times over 10 years, parents have to change in All thinking about municipal interests and no one thinks what face, what mom can get out of it, "- says Anna Gavazini
"History malehankih Belarusian orphans can not cause tears and deserves to know about it in globally"- Says Frank Zhaferyya, director of Anglo-American-Italian film" In the Name of Mary. "In his film will talk about the fate of Chernobyl orphans, their unsettled life and hope that one day, at some point, something in him changed. shot in Movie actors like Paolo Gasman, Hugo Paglia, Katharina Spaak.
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