Vika Moroz is not subject to foreign vdachchennyu

Paspelava highlighted that the Hague Convention on the Rights of the baby stating, that "the child, the family built on the ground of its own country of origin and citizenship, can not be transferred for international adoption."
She noted that at the theoretical level vdachchenne Vicki Giusto family-Bornachin or other foreign family can be in this case, if the adoptive family disintegrate girls. "But I do not think that would happen," — said the director of the center.
Commenting on the fact that the scandal with the Giusto family-Bornachin Vika Moroz several years was separated from his own elder brother and lived in a boarding school Vileika, Paspelava noted that "the child has special needs," and that devchenke needed professional help.
In September 2006 wife of Alessandro Giusto and Maria K» Bornachin ravine to which Vick a couple of years came to visit on vacation, girlfriend refused to return to Belarus. They claimed that the girl was subjected to a boarding school in "physical and moral violence."
Within 20 days of an Italian family hid Vick in the monastery in northern Italy. September 27 Italian police found a girlfriend, 30 September, she was taken to Minsk spetsreysam. October 30 girlfriend gave to the family of Lena and Sergei Vassilievo where brought up her older brother Alex.
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