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Vitamins and vitamin complexes in a single tablet appeared in the arsenal of mankind is not so long ago: in the mass market they did in the early forties. "You see — tell the attentive reader — used to live without vitamins, and everything was in order, no one even knew the words vitamin deficiency."

That's right, the word vitamin deficiency was not, instead it was an unpleasant phenomenon called "scurvy", is characterized by lethargy, loss of strength, loss of teeth, bleeding and multiple deaths. Scurvy and beriberi was an extreme degree.

Nowadays it comes to scurvy is extremely rare. Doctors, however, I remember a recent case: a young man to save on the bike, save on food, one and a half years on bread and yogurt. Buy a motorcycle he was on wobbly legs and with 19 teeth in the mouth, half of which are staggered. But this is an extreme case. In all normal citizens vitamin deficiency makes itself felt less scary symptoms: sleepiness, fatigue, chapped lips and peeling skin on the palms. Lack of vitamin C affects more than 50% of the population of Russia. In addition, most often there is insufficient intake of vitamins B1, B2, B6, folic acid and carotene — in 30-100% of the population. The peak deficit of vitamins in the body falls on the last month of winter, February.

Misconception number 1. It is urgent to "catch up" with fresh fruit.

The logic is simple: "summer" fruit — a guarantee of a good "summer" feeling. And now take a closer look to these summer fruits. This is usually glossy apples from the supermarket or the last one is not frozen berries. Hardly what inflated exotic fruits for better safety during transport, can be called useful substances. Along with these products in the body, of course, will go mass of chemical compounds which are useful not call rises language.

In addition, over the past 40 years has been a sharp decrease in the content of vitamins in natural products. Vegetables and fruits are a source of only two vitamins: ascorbic acid and folic acid. But, for example, to get the daily requirement of vitamin C (60 mg) of freshly squeezed apple juice will have to try and force yourself to drink 15 glasses a day.

Vitamin C: much is not enough?

  • On vitamin C, there are two opposing points of view: that in large doses it is harmful, and that it is necessary to take as much as possible. The latter defended the notorious Linus Pauling, who claimed that the lack of vitamin C — the root of all evil. Pauling himself took vitamin C in huge doses and was proud to maintain the health of old age … until he died from cancer caused by, as it turned out, the regular overdose of vitamin C.
  • According to WHO, the daily rate of vitamin C — 2.5 mg per 1 kg of body weight.
  • Most of ascorbic acid is not contained in citrus and dry dog rose.

As for vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins A, E and D, their main source of vegetables are not as high-calorie foods such as meat, liver, kidney, eggs, milk, butter and vegetable oil, wholemeal meals, cereals, preserves the appearance, rich in vitamins and minerals shell (buckwheat, oats, millet, brown rice).

Misconception number 2. Synthetic vitamins — is not an option.

And all because synthetic vitamins are supposedly not real. Those who are taught in school chemistry, immediately appreciate the absurdity of this statement. The rest of the recall: substances with the same chemical structure, but obtained in different ways, have exactly the same properties and activity.

Misconception number 3. The more expensive the vitamin complex, the better it is.

Marketing — an unreliable partner. If you choose vitamins for the prevention of beriberi, then pay attention to several factors. Composition magic pills should be reported either in absolute terms or as a percentage of the daily norm. Even better — if the dosage of tablets is designed so that the daily intake of vitamins was a few pills. Taking them several times during the day, you will maintain a constant level of vitamins in the blood serum.

Misconception number 4. Deficiency disease — who does not happen. Loading dose of vitamins will help us.

Let's still separate flies from cutlets, "It happens to everyone," can you say about a light seasonal vitamin deficiencies. Deficiency disease — a disease. And you should not itself prescribe a lethal dose of vitamins — for a start it is better to see a doctor to conduct a survey. Its main task — to identify the ratio of vitamins and minerals in the body: what is missing and what is in excess. According to studies, the Russians are quite widespread excess iron, vanadium, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, boron, and even zinc, selenium and iodine — the elements included in many vitamins and minerals. These vital in small amounts in excess of trace elements in the human body becomes toxic, can trigger serious illness.

Depending on the results of the survey to select one of two technologies vitamin and mineral correction — therapeutic or prophylactic.

Julia Bogdanova

Magazine "Be healthy"

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