Vitebsk: B.Khamaida arrested two days after the Chernobyl share

Railway police department employee Dmitry Ogievich escorting detained, tried to keep the judge’s office journalists and human rights activist Leonid Svetsik. They had to defend its right be in the open court.
Tribunal lasted less than 10 minutes and by a court order Khamaida should spend the next two days in Vitebsk temporary detention.
Policemen and riot police detained opposition leader now at 10 am at the "Blue House" (house number 28 Lenin Street). Boris Khamaida went there with a sign "Memorial to the victims of Chernobyl bell" and symbolic buzz.
The policemen were waiting for him at this point, because action on the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, lasted only a few minutes.
After the arrest of Boris Khamaida to this place at the "Blue House" came another popular oppositionist Vitebsk — Lena Zalesskaya.
But the white-red-white scarf Ms. Zalessk police did not consider attribute picket and detain it did not.

Boris Khamaida pickets

Detention Boris Khamaida

Lena Zalesskaya at "Blue House"

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